Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Revealed Her Skincare Routine On Instagram & You're Gonna Want Her Tips

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After many requests from followers, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez took to her Instagram stories on Sunday to share her skincare routine, so if you weren't already convinced that the Bronx native listens to (and delivers) what the citizens want, now you should be. After the 29-year-old shared the steps she takes to achieve a healthy complexion, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's skincare routine revealed that, not only is she the youngest woman ever to serve on the United States Congress, but she's also a bit of a skincare guru.

Without naming any specific products or brands, the congresswoman, who is also known for her signature red lipstick, listed out the various steps she takes everyday to take care of her skin. First, she double cleanses, which essentially involves removing makeup with an oil-based cleanser and then cleansing again with a traditional variation. Then, she says she uses a toner (and made very clear to avoid alcohol in that toner), followed by an "active" (AKA a serum containing "active compounds" like vitamin C). Finally, she caps off her routine by applying a moisturizer and an SPF.

While this sounds like a standard skincare routine (and it is), it was Ocasio-Cortez's additional commentary and tips about how and why she completes each step that really prove she knows a thing or two about skincare. Her expertise isn't limited to fighting for tuition-free public colleges and health insurance for all — she also knows how to efficiently and accurately cure the occasional breakout and maintain overall healthy skin, too.

Courtesy of Instagram/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Courtesy of Instagram/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A few of the major takeaways from Ocasio-Cortez's skincare routine: Thoroughly cleansing your face each night is key, especially if you wear foundation, as is avoiding face products that contain alcohol, understanding that your diet affects your skin more than you think, and completing the crucial step that is using a sunscreen every day.

The congresswoman shared that, try as she might, sometimes she's not always perfect about her skincare routine (who is?). She also shared that she doesn't always make the effort to double cleanse, but when she doesn't, she will be sure to use a makeup remover wipe to take her makeup off. "We've all slept in makeup," she added. "The wipes are a good place to start if this is a bad habit."

Ocasio-Cortez also expanded on why you should avoid makeup remover, toners, and basically any/all skincare products that contain alcohol. "I've tried a lot of different kinds [of toners], they're all good so long as there's no alcohol," she said. This is because some alcohols (not all) are known to cause dryness, redness, and irritation for some skin types.

She went on to talk about how, a few years ago, she cut dairy out of her diet to try to cure and prevent breakouts, and it worked, leading her to clearer skin. Dairy products can contain certain hormones (like insulin and progesterone) that have been known to exacerbate skin issues like inflammation and acne.

If you don't already follow the congresswoman on Instagram, you might want to start. It's clear that you can learn a lot.