You Can Skip Boarding Lines For Your Alaska Airlines Flight On National Ugly Sweater Day

Courtesy of Alaska

Traveling during the holidays can be, well, totally and utterly chaotic. Between unbelievably long lines and seemingly relentless crowds, there's no so-called "easy" way to get wherever you're going. But to lower your travel anxieties this holiday season, one airline is actually allowing passengers to board early, as long as they wear their favorite ugly sweater. That's right: If you haven't heard about Alaska Airlines' National Ugly Sweater Day 2018 celebration, it's going to be incredible.

I observe National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day every single year, and it looks like Alaska Airlines is getting in on the hideously festive fun this season. According to a press release, the West Coast-based airline is offering holiday sweater-wearing passengers the chance to be part of the early boarding process (that's right!) on Friday, Dec. 21. Per Alaska Airlines, you'd get to board ahead of the main cabin, it's a one-day only promotion, and it's valid for any and all Alaska and Horizon Air flights. I'm almost considering buying an airline ticket that day solely for the convenience (and for the astounding ugly sweater Instagram opportunities, of course).

If you can't fly on that day in particular, though, no worries — the airline will be playing holiday-themed boarding music, as well as free holiday movies all month long. As long as Mariah Carey and Elf are included in that lineup, you'd better believe I'm there.

In the press release, Natalie Bowman, the managing director of marketing and advertising at Alaska Airlines, said the airline company thoroughly enjoys bringing the holiday festivities to their aircrafts every year, and that they try to improve their customers' travel experience whenever possible.

In the press release, Bowman said:

This time of year, we consider ourselves the ‘merrier carrier,’ so we love going above and beyond to help our guests embrace the fun, festive side of flying during the holidays. Whether you’re heading home to celebrate tradition or jetting off to a sunny destination to escape the cold, we recognize your journey begins with us, and we’re happy to make your travels even brighter any way we can.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Alaska Airlines has put on this glorious promotion. In fact, according to the press release, this is the second year flyers and employees have sported their ugliest sweaters on National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, to alleviate that dreaded holiday stress. If you do end up getting in on the celebration, though, don't forget to take pics and post them on Twitter, with the hashtags #UglySweaterDay and #iFlyAlaska — I want to see all of you in all your early boarding (and cheesy sweater-wearing) glory. I'll be eagerly waiting to see any and all photos on the brand's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

If you can't make it to Alaska Airline's Ugly Sweater celebration, the company still wants you to have an easy time boarding throughout the holiday season. So, they're reminding passengers to get to the airport at least two hours before their flight to avoid large crowds at the airport, according to the press release. If you have further questions or if you're seeking out more tips, check out the company's blogpost, 8 tips to keep the “nice” in your holiday travel. You definitely won't regret it for navigating the airport amidst the hectic holiday season.

Let's face it: there's nothing more stressful than boarding a flight during the holidays, but the chance to board early is undeniably enticing. Plus, the chance to witness a sea of ugly sweater-wearing passengers rush through an airport is totally priceless all by itself.