You Can Score A Free Flight On Alaska Airlines With This Valentine’s Day Promo Code

Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

PSA: It's Valentine's Day. If you're still scrambling for a last-minute gift idea for your lover, then you've come to the right place. Alaska Airlines' Fly One, Get One Valentine's Day 2019 sale is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. The deal gets you one free flight with the purchase of another flight. There are a few rules and stipulations attached to the Feb. 14 deal, but all-in-all this deal is pretty legit. Here's how to claim your tickets.

First things first: Alaska Airlines' Fly One, Get One fare sale is here for one-day only. On Thursday, Feb. 14, customers who book a flight on Alaska Airlines will qualify for a complimentary second flight, according to the airline company. To claim your free flight, enter the promo code "COAST2COAST" when you go to check out. The second flight isn't totally free, but pretty close to it. Guests will be required to pay the applicable taxes and fees on the second ticket. This shouldn't cost you too much, based on the price of the flight.

There's more good news where that came from. Customers can use the BOGO code as many times as they'd like during the one-day sale on Feb. 14, per Alaska Airlines. Although, you should know that the promo code can't be redeemed anywhere else. Therefore, you must book your flights through the Alaska Airlines website.

The only downside is that the travel window is pretty limited. The Fly One, Get One fare sale is valid on flights from Thursday, Feb. 14, to Thursday, March 14. There are no blackout dates during the designated 30-day travel period. That's almost unheard of during major flight sales, at least in my personal travel experience.

Alaska Airlines flies to more than 115 destinations worldwide, according to the company. Although, the Valentine's Day offer is only valid on select flights around the country. There's plenty to choose from with a handful of destinations on the east and west coasts. The following routes are just a few of the destinations included in the BOGO flight promotion:

  • Boston to San Francisco
  • Newark, New Jersey, to San Diego
  • New York to San Jose
  • New York to San Francisco
  • New York to Los Angeles
  • Baltimore to San Francisco
  • Los Angeles to Philadelphia
  • New Orleans to San Francisco

If none of those routes pique your interest, take a gander on the Alaska Airlines website. There are additional select cities to load up your itinerary with.

This sale is definitely worth taking advantage of if you can swing it. Chances are high that your Valentine is going to be surprised and totally stoked when you tell him or her about the flights. There's nothing like a little romantic getaway, just the two of you. That's not to say these flights have to be used on your special someone. Remember, you can use the code as many times as you want and book trips with friends, family, and coworkers.

Honestly, this Alaska Airlines flight sale might be one of the best travel deals I've seen in a really long time. Skip the roses and buy the flights. Happy Valentine's Day.