Aisha Dee's Photo Of 'The Bold Type's Cast With Raven-Symoné Radiates Pure Joy

Shanelle Infante/Elite Daily

Have you ever stumbled upon a photo of a celebrity and immediately wondered what they were thinking in that very moment? In Elite Daily’s series, I Can Explain…, we’re asking celebrities to revisit their most memorable photos and tell us exactly what was going on in their heads. Whether they open up about an iconic look or a hilarious red carpet incident, we’re traveling back in time to find out what really went down.

Aisha Dee is like her The Bold Type character Kat Edison in so many ways. They both have a warm, easygoing energy about them that makes you want to be their friend instantly. They both have incredible style. And, they both love their coworkers — seriously. When I pull up a behind-the-scenes photo from The Bold Type Season 4, Aisha Dee's face lights up — and it's not just because one of the people in the group pic is Raven-Symoné.

"I'm gonna do lots of love hearts here, because it just feels right," Dee says, grabbing the pen to doodle on the photo, which she shared on her Instagram back in October. The photo was taken while they were shooting the latest season, and though she can't give too much away about what Raven's role is on The Bold Type, she says it's more than just a cameo. "She's a beauty influencer, and she comes in, kind of in a small way at first and that role becomes bigger as we go along," Dee tells Elite Daily.

Working with Raven was a pretty huge deal to Dee, who gushes about growing up watching her in That's So Raven and The Cheetah Girls. "I actually wasn't filming the first day that [Raven] came in. I was just running around doing errands, and so I just came to set, because they were filming where I was," she says. "I was like, 'I just have to come say hi.' And then we all went to dinner that night and she was so f*cking cool, man."

Dee has just as much enthusiasm for Raven as she does about her day-to-day co-stars also in the photo, including Stephen Conrad Moore (who plays Oliver), Meghann Fahy (Sutton), and Nikohl Boosheri (Adena). Notably missing from this particular pic is Katie Stevens (Jane), but not for long.

"Wait... should I just draw Katie in here?" Dee says, immediately sketching out a cartoon version of her IRL bestie. She giggles as she adds the final details to her masterpiece, saying: "She wants me to draw her pretty. I can feel her in my head, like, 'B*tch, draw me with good cheekbones."

Aisha Dee/Instagram, Elite Daily