Advice To Follow For The Partial Solar Eclipse, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you've been feeling stagnant, unmotivated, or bored with what's going on in your life, don't worry. The year 2019 has plenty of unexpected twists and turns in store, and regardless of what ends up happening, the cosmos are making sure that nothing stays the same. However, even though astrology can open a door, it's up to you whether or not you decide to walk through it. If you're overthinking what your next move should be, consider the advice you should follow during the solar eclipse in Capricorn 2019, because it will point you in the right direction.

Am I getting too far ahead of myself? If this is your first time hearing that a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn is scheduled to take place on Jan. 5, let me explain. In astrology, an eclipse is a really big deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that it has the power to alter your life completely. Whether the changes are out of your control, transforming reality as you know it, or you're simply ready to make a decision and stick to it, this cosmic event is potent and fully charged. You can take advantage of it and go where you've never gone before or you can go with the flow of the universe. The choice is yours to make.


Are there achievements, awards, or accolades you've been dreaming of? Are you lusting after the day you can put yourself out there and be recognized for all your hard work? Your career is calling your name. There's no room for thinking small. Think big and don't you dare settle for less.


There's so much more to life than work, routine, and social expectations. Life is everything that you make of it, and it's time for you to see all the many possibilities that are open to you. You can literally do anything you want, as long as you believe in yourself. Spread your wings.


You are not just a body. You are also a soul. You deserve to recognize yourself as a beautiful mixture of both flesh and spirit. You have needs and feelings that deserve to be recognized. Open yourself up and take a long look at your truest essence. Share it with the rest of the world. Protect it.


Are you giving more than you're receiving? Receiving more than you're giving? A true partnership requires effort from everyone involved. Don't commit to someone who isn't bringing out your best self. You deserve to be helped. You also deserve to be strong enough to help. It's time to grow.


You have beautiful dreams and magnificent goals, and no matter how far out of reach they seem, it all starts with the first step. Is your daily routine serving your highest good? Are you starting from a healthy and organized base? It's time to revamp your priorities and consider even the smallest movements.


How often do you sabotage your own happiness? When you live in your head, it's hard to see all the joy and possibilities that are right in front of you. Work on forgetting the past and the future. Focus on the here and now. Why not dance like nobodies watching? Sing like nobodies listening?


If you're constantly on the go, when do you have time to recharge? They say success requires ambition and hard work, however, they forget to mention that success is deeper than that. Success starts at home. It starts with love. It starts with comfort. You have every reason to hold yourself.


You have a mind that's buzzing with brilliance and strategic wonders. Are you taking enough time to write your thoughts down, share them with others, and take your ideas seriously? Don't keep all your genius locked within. Use it to manifest the reality you desire. You can change the world.


Are you depleting your resources faster than you're increasing them? Are you nurturing your foundation in life? You require stability and safety, however, you deserve some form of luxury. Spend time working towards the financial state you'd like to have, but don't cheapen your reality.


Letting go of the past is never easy. Even harder is letting go of the person you've been. There are habits, thought patterns, and commitments that have no place in your future. Think about what's no longer serving you and then banish it from your mind. Plant the seeds of new beginnings.


How often do you ignore your intuition? Do you feel too chaotic to even hear your intuition in the first place? It's time to clear your mind, cleanse your environment, and listen to your gut. You're reaching higher realms. You're connecting your mind, heart, and soul. Let them work together.


Are you reaching out to others? Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to be a better person? You have so much to teach others, and yet, you still have so much to learn. It's time to look outside of yourself and see what everyone else sees. You are a multidimensional human being.