The Advice You Should Follow During The New Moon In Sagittarius, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

There's a new moon phase on the horizon, which is why I'm going to share some advice you should follow during the new moon in Sagittarius 2018, according to your zodiac sign. As per the ancient traditions, the phases of the moon, along with the general growth and decline of plant, animal, and human life, will forever go hand-in- hand. Although, in addition to mother nature's magic, the moon is also a symbol of one's nurture, emotional instincts, and shadow side, when observed from an astrological standpoint. Fact is, this celestial body is incredibly powerful, and fortunately for us, we've been blessed with an ancient tool, like astrology, that allows us to witness its supernatural abilities firsthand.

With that being said, the new moon in Sagittarius will take place on Friday, Dec. 7 at exactly 2:20 a.m. ET. Remember, the new moon phase is considered the most potent for planting seeds, and setting intentions in general. Furthermore, the term "new moon" is equivalent to a new beginning and if you pay close attention, you can actually witness those seeds come to fruition, whether be actual plants, or personal goals you make for yourself. Given that this is a new moon in Sagittarius, it is suggested to set intentions related to this particular lunar theme. For instance, anything along the lines of traveling, exploring, schooling, teaching, learning, and taking risks in general.

The sign of the archer wants opportunity, hence this is a perfect time to go on an adventure. Now, don't get it twisted, stargazers. Adventures don't always have to involve the outdoors. Truth is, you can be adventurous in a lot of ways, and for this particular event, it'd be a good idea to see where Sagittarius is located on your birth chart, for more clarity. This is where you will be setting goals for yourself, and ultimately taking that "Sagittarius-like" risk, or in better terms, leap of faith. For instance, if Sagittarius rules your second house, maybe it's time you take a chance, and invest on something you really like. Who knows, whether it's a new business venture or a financial goal you're setting for yourself, it's still taking a risk, right?

Anyway, here's how to take full advantage of this exciting new moon, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Take A Deep Breath

Be realistic about your goals. Don't get caught up on the things you can't do right now. Focus on bigger picture, and think long-term. Don't be your worst enemy. There are so many blessings coming your way.

Taurus: Don't Get Attached

Evolution is inevitable. Free your mind, and remember that you are not alone. Change can be painful, but it can also be incredibly liberating. Remind yourself that this is only a cycle. Begin again.

Gemini: Have Faith In People

Not everyone's out to get you, Gemini. In fact, there's actually a lot of people who simply dig your vibe. It's like fellow Gemini Lana Del Rey says, "believe in the kindness of strangers."

Cancer: You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

It's never going to be easy. In fact, all good things can feel a little challenging at first, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. Clear your mind and organize yourself. Focus on your work, and well being.

Leo: Be Completely Authentic, Zero F*cks Given

You exude authenticity, and your energy is like no other. Don't be afraid to invoke your fiery creativity. There's something unique you have to offer, both romantically and artistically.

Virgo: You're Stronger Than You Think

Enough with the negative self talk. Remember who you are, and what you're capable of. The only thing standing in your way is you. Don't overthink it.

Libra: Your Thoughts Count, Too

You're charming AF, and easily one of the brightest among the rest of the zodiac. Don't repress your thoughts, and tell the world what's really on your mind.

Scorpio: Own Your Self-Worth

Take a minute and really think about all that you've accomplished thus far, let alone the amount of pain you've endured throughout your life. You're here, and you earned it.

Sagittarius: Make It An Adventure

You're the celestial favorite this year, and you're embarking on a new journey. Let your spirit be your guide. Have fun. Do something new and exciting. Change up the vibe.

Capricorn: Take It Easy

Embrace your solitude. Take some time off and recharge your batteries. Meditate. You're overworked, and your soul is just as tired. Put your briefcase down, and relax your mind.

Aquarius: Get Out There And Mingle

You've outgrown your tribe and that's OK. You don't owe anyone anything. In fact, you're doing enough by simply being yourself, and sharing your unique light with the rest of the world.

Pisces: Focus On Your Life Mission

The world is finally seeing all that you are capable of. Don't stop now because you're just getting started. Believe in yourself. Focus on your professional life. The world is watching and you've never looked better.