Adidas' Fall Sale Ends Today, So Shop Now For 20% Off

Ready to stock up on sneakers, sweatpants, and more cozy athleisure essentials? If your answer is "Yes," then allow me to tell you all about Adidas' Fall 2019 Sale, happening now through October 24. Act fast, y'all, because you can snag 20% off of the brand's best-selling footwear and attire using code "FALLSALE," and the options are truly overwhelming. Like, I'm talking 120 pages of sale to scroll through, boasting 5743 items total. Can you imagine? Toss out your old leggings and overworn sneakers and treat yourself to some new pieces while the savings are hot.

The Fall Sale is happening now exclusively on the Adidas website, and honestly, you need to devote at least an hour to looking through products, because there's a lot included, and you want to be sure you've seen all the best options. Right off the bat, though, I knew I'd be snagging the Cropped Hoodie in "Scarlet" ($65, and matching 3-Stripe Leggings ($40,, as I've been on the hunt for a cute set that felt different than the classic black-and-white Adidas duo.

This colorway might be a little summery for fall and winter, but hey! Red is a holiday color! I'll make it work:

Speaking of sweatshirts, another one I'm hoping to cop is the Bellista Allover Print Cropped Hoodie in "Maroon/Black" ($70,

And rounding out my top attire picks is the Sweatshirt in "Multicolor" ($120, This might be the coolest top in the entire sale, y'all:

The clothes are exciting, but I know what you're really wondering. What about the shoes? There are tons of sneakers on sale, and I'll be high-key impressed if you have the self control to buy just one pair.

The classic, iconic Stan Smith Shoes in "Cloud White" ($90, are one of the more muted examples:

While the QT Racer Shoes in "Glow Blue" ($65, totally won me over with that pop of pink floral print:

Cute! And of course, there's a wide variety of chunky dad sneakers, including celeb fave fits like the Gazelles and the Falcons. What I love about this sale is that Adidas isn't just trying to get rid of random, unsuccessful colorways — in fact, some of the coolest and most unique colorways are on sale, which means there's all the more reason to snag them while they're 20% off.

Like, how fun are the EQT Gazelle Shoes in "Collegiate Green" ($110, I've never seen a green sneaker with so much edge!

And the Falcon Shoes in "Collegiate Navy/Glow Blue/True Pink" ($100, Now that's how you mix patterns, people!

Of course, there are more traditional running shoes, too, including some of Adidas' pricier picks.

The Alphaedge 4D Parley Shoes in "Aero Green" ($300, are NOT cheap at $300 a pair, so that 20% discount def makes a difference:

All in all, this sale is not to be missed. Head over to the Adidas website before all the good shoes are gone!