11 Cute Addison Rae & Bryce Hall Moments That'll Make You Wish They'd DTR


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Lots of celebrity couples have arisen from social media collectives like the Hype House and Sway House, but few have captured fans' attention like Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall. The two stars started creating content together in October 2019 and it quickly became clear they were definitely more than friends. Although they've always stopped short of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall's cutest moments say a lot about that extra-special something in their bond.

Easterling and Hall rarely post photos together, but on TikTok, the duo truly thrives. Their many videos together are brimming with humor and a ton of flirty banter. It's no wonder the fan-favorite pair have had to shut down relationship rumors on multiple occasions, insisting they're just friends.

But even while denying there's anything romantic going on between them, Hall and Easterling still say the sweetest things about each other. Prepare yourself, because the social media stars' most memorable moments together are cuteness overload.

Dec. 13, 2019: Hall & Easterling's First "Date"

In December, Hall shared the first photo of himself and Easterling on Instagram, and the two were standing very close. In the sweet pic, their cheeks were literally touching. When sharing the pics, he cracked a joke about what fans assumed was a date. "Plot twist: i was actually third wheeling with addison and dixie," he captioned the post.

Easterling happily posted photos from their day out as well.

Dec. 28, 2019: They Flaunt PDA Online

When Easterling and Hall took to Instagram Live to answer fan questions in late December, they delivered some solid evidence they were more than friends. In the video, Hall was seen playing with Easterling's chair, poking her cheeks, and generally seeming like he couldn't keep his hands off of her.

Jan. 1, 2020: A New Year's Kiss

Not only did Hall and Easterling ring in 2020 at each other's side, but they also shared a sweet New Year's kiss. Hall took to Instagram posting a slideshow of pics showing him kissing his guy friends. However, the last photo in his smooch-filled slideshow was actually with Easterling. It marked the first photo of them locking lips, and by the looks of it, this was no platonic peck.

Jan. 17, 2020: Hall Posts A Heart-Melting Slideshow

You could almost feel the chemistry just by looking at Hall's photos with Easterling from mid-January. The two cozied up close in a series of selfies that showed Easterling with a huge smile.

Jan. 22, 2020: Easterling Asks Hall If She's Cute

Using the popular "Am I Cute?" TikTok audio, Easterling lip-synced the words to ask Hall if he thought she was cute. He nodded "yes," causing Easterling to break out in the biggest smile.

Feb. 21, 2020: Easterling Proclaims Her "Love"... In A Friendly Way

When Easterling spoke to Entertainment Tonight in February, she spoke about the strength of her friendship with Hall. "We love each other so much and we love being around each other. We're super good friends," she said. "Once I moved here, we started hanging out a lot, and we got super close. We were really, really, really good friends."

April 17, 2020: Hall Gushes About Easterling During A Livestream

When asked about Easterling during a live video interview, Hall didn't hold back. "I will definitely say that she's the best girl I've ever had," he said, adding that she made him better. "When I was with her I was not problematic at all." Not only did the moment make fans go "aww," but it was a clear admission they were an item at one time.

April 19, 2020: Hall Professes His Feelings Again

Two days after saying Easterling was "the best," Hall admitted he'd be open to getting back together with her. "I would, I would date her again," he said during a live stream, again letting fans know "Braddison" was ~totally~ a thing at one point.

June 9, 2020: They Come Dangerously Close To Kissing

At this point, Easterling and Hall are more than comfortable in front of the camera together, but they still typically keep their PDA to a minimum. However, they nearly kissed on camera in early June. The TikTok clip showed the two stars' lips almost touch before Taylor Holder swooped in for the kiss with Hall instead.

TikTok/Bryce Hall

June 14, 2020: A Fun-Filled Outing With Thomas Petrou

When it comes to cuteness, it's hard to top the picture of Easterling and Hall sitting on a jeep completely covered with photos of their faces. Thanks to their friend Thomas Petrou, the vehicle was plastered with photos of the duo, who seemed to love the prank. "Thomas rly did that," Hall captioned the post. Soon after, Easterling chimed in with a comment of her own, writing, "not too mad about it."

July 1, 2020: Hall Gushes Over Their Friendship

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hall acknowledged that his and Easterling's friendship survived their "breakup."

"We're still like really good friends," he said. "We never broke, I mean, we never separated for real bad reasons, you know? We were just busy doing our own things. Now with quarantine, [we're] not so busy. Not saying anything but we're really good friends."

Eaterling and Hall managed to pack so many cute moments into the span of one year, but remain cryptic about the true dynamic of their relationship. Nevertheless, fans seem to love the mystery, and are following their every move.

Caroline Wurtzel/Elite Daily