A 'West Wing' Reboot Is Definitely In The Talks, With One Big Change From The Original Show


There have been rumors about a possible West Wing reboot for years, but now it sounds like the political drama's creator Aaron Sorkin is actually working on a script that will bring back all of our favorite politicians. Actor Richard Schiff, who played the communications director Toby Ziegler on the show, recently confirmed that Sorkin wants a reboot to happen, and already has some pretty big ideas for where the new series could go. So now that we know a West Wing reboot is definitely in the talks, what might this new show look like? Let's go over everything we know.

It sounds like the biggest change in this reboot will be the setting. Although the show is called The West Wing, Richard Schiff revealed that Aaron Sorkin's plan for the rebooted series will probably be set mostly outside of the walls of the White House. Obviously, this is a pretty fundamental change to the show, but it makes sense that President Jed Bartlet and his entire team would no longer be in the White House after all these years. Schiff mentioned that a couple of characters may still have jobs in the White House as consultants, but for the most part, the rebooted series will likely focus on political activism outside of the White House:

Aaron has said he wanted it to happen ... [He] might go with a new administration, in which case, you know, some of us might show up as consultants… it makes no sense, maybe one or two of us to be in the White House ... I don’t think it should be in the White House. I think that’s overcooked. My image of a show in the White House now is something like House of Cards, which is more apropos for the current administration — and Veep ... It’s a great idea: Where does politics really happen? And that’s the question. And especially in this era where there’s such an excitement in the grassroots level and on the local level, and it really all happens in the state level.

You can hear more of what Richard Schiff has to say about this potential West Wing reboot in his newly released interview on Popcorn Talk Network’s I Could Never Be:

This update is the most promising bit of news about a possible West Wing reboot that fans have gotten yet. The beloved political drama has been surrounded by reboot rumors for years. Earlier this year, Aaron Sorkin admitted that he is still open to the idea of a reboot if he was able to think up an idea that felt right. And even before that, Sorkin was openly sharing some of his reboot ideas, including casting Sterling K. Brown as the new president. Not to mention the fact that the West Wing cast often reunites, and will even voice their own hopes for a reboot every so often with the caveat that Aaron Sorkin is down.

So can we finally expect another iconic walk-and-talk sometime soon? Although we might not be heading back into the Oval Office, a West Wing reboot is sounding pretty promising.