A 'Stranger Things' Video Game Is Coming So You Can Explore The Upside Down


Stranger Things fans are about to get the chance to bike around Hawkins, Indiana and solve the mysteries of the Upside Down for themselves. Netflix's '80s-set sci-fi hit is being made into a video game, developer Telltale Games announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week. So what will the the new game focus on, and when can fans buy it for themselves? Let's break down everything we know about the Stranger Things video game.

The game comes from a new partnership between Netflix and Telltale Games, a video game developer best known for transforming lucrative film and television properties into video games. In the past, Telltale Games has put out video games based on The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Back to the Future. Looking over those titles, Stranger Things sounds like the perfect selection for the company to adapt next, since the developer has a knack for major sci-fi series, especially those with some '80s flair.

Along with the Stranger Things game, Telltale Games' partnership with Netflix is also going to create the streaming service's first ever interactive video game. Telltale Games also announced that its game Minecraft: Story Mode will be available to play on Netflix this fall, marking the first time that Netflix will house an interactive game. Check out the announcement of the new Netflix partnership below:

Although Telltale Games unveiled a released date for its Minecraft game on Netflix, it did not say when we can expect the Stranger Things game. The announcement makes it sound like it definitely will not be dropping this year, though, so keep an eye out for the game to become available sometime in 2019.

It is also not clear what the Stranger Things game will look like, or what it will pull from the show. For their past show-based video game adaptations, Telltale Games' titles have been released in episodes and seasons. Most notably, the developer has steadily been releasing new games that follow The Walking Dead's storyline since 2012. If they decide to follow a similar model for the Stranger Things video game (which seems likely), then fans can expect the first new game to be set during the first season of the show. Players will likely join up with Mike, Dustin, and Lucas as they befriend the psychokinetic girl Eleven and discover a terrifying realm called the Upside Down while searching for their missing friend, Will.

The upcoming Telltale Games release is actually not the first time that Stranger Things has been adapted into a video game. Ahead of the show's second season premiere in 2017, Netflix partnered with an app developer to release an 8-bit-style mobile game, which centered on police chief Jim Hopper's hunt for the missing boys after Season 1. Sony has also announced that it is developing a Stranger Things game for Playstation 4 that will utilize the console's new VR tech.

The Stranger Things Telltale game will likely be made available to play on Android, iOS, Win, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as all of the company's recent video games have been released on. There is a good chance that the graphics of the new game may mimic the '80s arcade-style of the previous mobile game, which would create a further tie-in with the Stranger Things series since arcade games play a large part in the show. But since the game was only just announced, all we can do is speculate as to what the new video game might look like — we will just have to wait until Telltale Games gives us some more information about the game to know the truth.