Neil Patrick Harris Reveals New ‘Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Characters Are Going To Be “Redonkulous” – EXCLUSIVE

by Stephanie Ironson

The tragic tale of three orphans, one evil guardian, and a never-ending series of unfortunate events is on its way back to Netflix. The aptly named A Series Of Unfortunate Events launches into its second season in 2018, with Neil Patrick Harris at the helm as the wicked Count Olaf. Harris is reprising his leading role, along with a range of new characters and disguises, in the series newest installment.

Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Harris at an event for his partnership with Cigna's preventive heath initiative about what fans can expect in the upcoming season.

Long-time fans of A Series Of Unfortunate Events have had nearly two decades worth of entertainment. The Netflix series comes after the film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, which stars Jim Carrey as Count Olaf. And both the Netflix series and the film are based on the 13 "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" children's books written by Daniel Handler (better known by his pen name, Lemony Snicket), which first hit shelves in 1999.

While we don't know much about Season 2 yet, Harris gave us a taste of what's going to happen:

I’m very excited by this season. It’s still based as firmly as Season 1 was on the books before them and that’s our source material. I’m a big fan of it, I think these middle books allow the Baudelaire kids to take action in a way they weren’t able to in the first few. They were kind of static and a bit shell-shocked by the loss of their parents and their constant uprooting and meeting new people who continue to let them down. But now that they figured that structure out, these kids can take some more action and we’re getting to have some more fun. I’m playing redonkulous characters with crazy voices, very schizophrenic.

In Season 1, fans witnessed Harris's incredible range as Count Olaf threw on different disguises in attempts to steal the Baudelaire kids' fortune. We saw him as Stefano, the bald-headed, long-bearded Italian, Captain Sham, the surly sea captain, and pink suit-wearing secretary, Shirley.

Elaborating on his "redonkulous" Season 2 characters, Harris plowed through his zany list of new disguises.

There’s a turbaned gym teacher named Coach Genghis. There’s an also a motivational speaker. There is an Eastern European auctioneer and a fashionista named Gunther, who’s very Lagerfeld-ian. There’s a dapper, scatting detective named Zach Dupoux, who has a gold tooth and a tooth pick and rhymes a lot. And then, I play a murderous surgeon right out of a 1960s horror movie. And now, I'm Count Olaf because apparently he’s been murdered so he can behave like himself since everyone thinks he’s dead.

The end of Season 1 had show fans convinced a happy ending was on the horizon, with Mother and Father reuniting with the Baudelaire orphans. True to title, though, the first season was not wrapped up in a nice red bow. Those who know grew up reading the book series may have an idea of what to expect in Season 2, but Neil Patrick Harris promises there are surprises lurking for even the most dedicated fans.

I like that we’re honoring the book but also giving fans of the books something that they haven’t seen before. And I like that for those who hadn’t read the books, they thought it was going to be a nice happy ending [at the end of Season 1] and it’s a series unfortunate events even for them watching at home. We have some supporting characters that aren’t really in the books that we’ve elaborated upon, so that those that are diehard fans still have another level to observe and it helps depend the storytelling in ways. There are musical numbers as well.

Although it's frowned upon to look forward to the misfortune of others, we're counting down until Netflix releases the official premiere date of A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 2.