9 Times Really Large Dogs Think They're Small That'll Make You LOL

Dogs are great for so many reasons. They cheer you up when you're down, have a tendency to do the silliest things, are incredibly loyal, and always have a kiss for you when you least expect it. All in all, dogs are amazing souls who just give so much unconditional love to the people of this earth, that sometimes, it doesn't seem we deserve it (verdict is still out if we actually do or not). One of the wackiest things some do is when large dogs think they are small dogs. It makes for hilarious photos and just a moment when you're like, "Is this really my dog?"

Just like some smaller breeds have been known to roughhouse with larger dogs, big doggos will sometimes play the small baby. They are still loved for it, of course. When looking at these pics and videos, it's clear to see you can't stay annoyed at them for long if they're chilling on your chest and you can't see the TV. I mean, humans sometimes do the same thing. How many times have you snuggled up to a loved one so you could feel small or protected? Or have you ever just curled up on the smallest part of your bed, with pillows around, to make your own little sanctuary? Yes, most of us probably have. So cut these dogs some slack, and go goo-goo over their adorableness.

The Pup Who's No Longer A Pup
kampohlman on Twitter

Eight months doesn't seem old, but it's definitely big in dog years. This pup is ready for his morning ear scratching, but is certainly too big for his owner's lap. Luckily, she condones it, and by the look of his little tongue, he's in paradise.

Big Girl Loves Small Spaces
rhysandscourt on Twitter

Look at the way her nose is scrunched up against the tiny bed. She is rather content, and is not to be disturbed. Although she's obviously a few sizes too big, she just seems to belong in this exact spot. Leave her be, because she's too cute to handle.

This Dog Doesn't Realize How Much Space She Takes Up
mayacdixon on Twitter

Dog A, the golden retriever, is so happy to be chillin' out on the couch. Dog B, scrunched underneath, seems a tad bit... like they may be sending a small cry for help. Dog A is just super unaware that she is taking up so much room. Can you really blame her? She just wants to be cozy.

"Am I Small Enough, Doc?"
a_animalclinic on Twitter

Moving on with our cases of dogs not realizing they don't fit somewhere, this one is not aware of her stature at all. She is so into being a lap dog that she doesn't realize she takes up more lap than what's available to her. But bless Chloe's heart — she seems to be enjoying it by her blurry, wagging tale.

If You Believe You Can Fit, Then You Definitely Will Fit (Sometimes)
dig_bits on Twitter

Fitting into tight spaces can be difficult if you don't really fit. But if you're a dog who thinks you can squeeze in one, then you sure as hell know that you'll try. This doggo seems comfortable in their tiny chair. Score one for the big — scratch that — small dog.

A Lot Of Fur In A Small Lap
ljs39 on Twitter

So much furry goodness, there's not enough room! But that's alright when your couch companion is an adorable fluffer like this one. Every big dog needs a diva nap, of course.

Big Hugs From A Big Dog
mollypriddy on Twitter

Not quite ready to leave the days of lap time in the past, this pup is super obsessed with his owner. And why not? She's allowing her pooch to play the role of a small puppy for a bit. What more could you ask for in a human?

"What Do You Mean I Take Up Half The Couch?"
idlyizzy on Twitter

Another lap dynamo, this big red dog is ready for some TV time. However, not without taking up a ton of the couch and probably cutting off the owner's circulation in the meantime. It's OK though, since it seems like they're both having a beyond great time.

"I Too, Would Like To Take Up This Bed, Thanks"
AnderChap on YouTube

Taking it back to Big Dog Vs. Small Bed, this dog is ready to nap, and nap hard. It's great to see the precision, expertise, and finesse that goes into a big dog sleeping in a tiny dog's bed. There were some false starts with some give-ups along the way. But in the end, our humongous hero saved the day and snuggled in for a nap.