9 TikTok Strawberry Dress-Inspired Dupes & Other Tops, Pants, & More

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Amidst all the quarantine loungewear, one formalwear piece has resurfaced that simply reins supreme: the viral TikTok strawberry dress. Even if you’re not on the popular video app, you’ve probably heard about or seen the flowing, glamorous pink dress by now and fallen in love. And that means you’re also probably dreaming of the day this gorgeous item finds a home in your closet. While the original dress may be out of your price range, there are some strawberry dresses, shirts, pants, and dupes you can shop instead.

The Strawberry Midi Dress ($490, Lirika Matoshi) blowing up everyone’s feed was created by Kosovo designer Lirika Matoshi. Its tea-length hem, puffy sleeves, ruffles, and sparkly strawberries decorating it create the perfect intersection of cottagecore and luxury, which is why it’s hardly shocking everyone and their mother want to buy it. However, the dress retails for almost $500 (understandable for prime originality and craftsmanship), so it's not the most affordable piece out there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your strawberry dreams another way.

Many creators and brands have released their own look-alike items, so even if you can’t have the exact dress of your dreams, you can still get pretty close. If you're not a dress person, you can still embrace the fruity trend in other forms. Below is a list of some strawberry dress-inspired, affordable pieces that will still bring a sweet, cottagecore vibe to your closet.

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Etsy seller LinenHomeCN's Sweet Strawberry Tulle Dress ($53, Etsy) looks very similar to the original, and the store has 4.5 stars, so you can trust the dress will turn out nicely. And if Matoshi's dress was too pink for you, LinenHomeCN also makes their dress in black.

For another similar remake, check out TiffasShop's Famous Strawberry Dress ($46, Etsy) for a more accessible price point.

If you love the strawberry dress but prefer a shorter length, MePanda's Ruffle Trim Strawberry Dress ($46, YesStyle) has a similar, flowing style, but hits just below the knees.

For a casual strawberry look you can wear when you don't want to get all dressed up, this Sequin Berry Sheer Top ($75, Nordstrom) will soon become one of your go-to shirts.

The romantic puffy sleeve and neckline are both captured in Dog Dog's Lolita Strawberry Print Dress ($19, Dog Dog). The dress' white fabric and cut make it perfect to relish the last warm days of the year.

Wisremt's Red Strawberry Print Dress ($14, Walmart) can easily be worn to get coffee with friends or dressed up for a fancy dinner. It's a bit simpler than the original, so you don't need a big occasion to toss this dress on.

You can even rock the strawberry look while at your coziest with Whoosh's Motif Sweater ($28, YesStyle).

Peachmilkbaby's Strawberry Top ($37, Etsy) looks like the creator just cut the top off of one of Matoshi's dresses to crop it. This voluminous shirt is great for when you want to take your day-to-day wear to the next level.

As a final option, you can always wear the iconic strawberry dress on top of a t-shirt, like this Strawberry Dress T-Shirt by CorinneCarollo ($29, Redbubble). It may not be the same, but there will be no confusion over your feelings for the viral dress.

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