These TikTok silhouette challenge videos feature sultry outlines.

These 9 Silhouette Challenge TikToks Totally Rock The Trend

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On the heels of the TikTok "Buss It" challenge and the #ClingyPet challenge comes a hot new challenge that celebrates body positivity. If you haven't seen the vids flooding your feed, you're probably wondering if the silhouette challenge is exactly like it sounds. The challenge has people showing off their silhouettes against a red backdrop in the darkness, following a pose in the light, and the results are striking. To see what all the hype is about, here are 9 TikTok silhouette challenge videos that might inspire you to hop on board the trend.

With over 234 million views as of Tuesday, Feb. 2, the #silhouettechallenge showcases TikTokers posing in a doorway before you see the video switch to a hazy red background with their pitch-black silhouettes. It's unclear who started the trend, but the videos feature some body-positive, sultry vibes.

Each of the videos in the challenge uses two songs. First, it begins with the regular video (non-red background) with Paul Anka's "Put Your Head On My Shoulder." Then, the mood shifts with Doja Cat's "Streets," which samples B2K's "Streets Is Callin'." At first glance, the videos seem to involve a literal red light, but they really don't. TikTokers are using the "Vin Rouge" filter from Snapchat to achieve the look. Most people who participate in the challenge begin with regular clothing or baggy clothing and then switch to something tighter for the silhouette.

Unfortunately, the videos are reportedly being manipulated by people attempting to remove the red filter and reveal the person’s body behind the filter.

According to BuzzFeed, as of Feb. 1, there were multiple YouTube videos dedicated to teaching people how to edit the video to seemingly remove the red filter, meaning if you were to do the challenge wearing lingerie or no clothing at all, you could be exposed with successful editing. Elite Daily reached out to Google for comment on the matter and if the company plans to take down the tutorials, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

There are plenty of examples to glean inspiration from, but if you plan to participate in the challenge, keep in mind that someone may be able to remove the filter from your video.

1. This Video Is A Body Positive Nod

TikTok user @lulbabypeach took on the silhouette challenge with a sexy dance full of body-positive vibes.

2. This Video Features A Sultry Backbend

TikToker Caelyn Mckenzie (@caelynmckenziee) took on the challenge with a backbend pose.


3. This Video Celebrates Curves

With some very normal to sultry vibes in a flash, TikToker @gloryveddy showed off curves against the red background.

4. This Video Strikes An High Heeled Pose

Taking it to a level like the musical Cabaret or any show with leotards, high heels, and black tights, TikToker @lizzie..xx showed off her long legs with a striking pose.

5. This Video Looks Like A Pensive Pose From A Dance Movie

TikTok user Olivia Dolan (@oliviadeeee) struck a few poses in silhouette and the first looks like she came straight from a dance movie like the Step Up franchise.


6. This Video Has Some Mean Dance Moves

Lay Miller (@laymiller97) took part in the silhouette challenge with a pose and a fluid dance in the dark that's fire.

7. This Video Shows Off Long Hair & High Heeled Poses

TikToker Kay Bownes (@kaybownes) hopped on the trend with still shows of poses that took advantage of her long hair

8. This Video Is A Yoga Version

Twitter user @_dawnye_ got in on the challenge, posting it on the other social media platform where the silhouette challenge is also trending. Her video is a departure from the sexy vibes of the other videos, but it's mystifying to watch as she moves through yoga poses in the darkness.

9. This Video Is An Eye-Catching Transition

Sabrina Pecka (@sabrinababyyy) took the challenge fast, with a lengthier time getting her pose ready in the light before seamlessly editing the portion of her in a bodysuit in the red background.

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