Every Bridal Limo Needs A Goodie Bag Of Lit Essentials & Here's What To Put Inside

by Tessa Harvey

There's so much to love about weddings. From the reception venue to the floral arrangements, there are so many details to truly make the day your own. The ceremony is emotional, the reception is a blast, but somehow, everyone might be so busy that they forget about the hour or so you spend in the limo in between with the whole bridal tribe. A prepared wedding means you know exactly what things to have in the bridal limo to make sure your celebration is off to the right kind of start. Champagne popping, commence!

Seriously, there's something to cherish about that little bit of time that you spend in the limo. You have all of your closest peeps right there, happy, excited, and on your way to the reception. It's a moment that can't get overlooked in the midst of all of the wedding planning. You want to make sure it's a time to relax, have fun, and get ready for the next big part of your day, aka the very busy reception. To make that happen, you'll need a checklist, and these nine things will be perfect items to enjoy by all while having fun heading to the reception. They can be personalized specifically for your crew's personality.

Just In Case You Need It

Bride Survival Kit Box, $22.93+, Etsy

Hey, you'll never know what can go wrong on your wedding day. You could have a dress or tux rip, need a bobby pin, or whatever else. It's always good to have backup.

No One Likes A Warm Limo Drink

Wedding Favor Can Coolers, To Have and To Hold, $25+, Etsy

These are fun favors, especially for your wedding party. It's something they'll actually use in the limo, throughout the night, and long after the wedding day. I mean, koozies are literally what's up. Nobody wants to hold a wet cold beer bottle, anyway.

A Personalized Bottle Opener For The Happy Couple

Personalized Copper Vintage Style Bottle Opener Wedding Favor, $1.99+, Etsy

You might be cracking open a few cold ones on the way to reception, so it doesn't hurt to be prepared. It's also an excuse to get your name engraved on something special. Whether you get one for everyone in the bridal party to have their very own, or you just get one for the bride and groom and share it with the crew, this is an essential item to have on the special day.

A Bunch Of Fun Props Will Keep Everyone Entertained

Boho Wedding Photo Props, $10.32, Etsy

If there's a good time to take a bunch of pictures with your wedding party, it's in the limo. You'll be able to have a ton of laughs and get amazing candids of one another for all to enjoy long after the big day. Be prepared with some fun props that are perfect for your particular group, and you won't be disappointed with the outcome. It's also a great ice breaker if everyone in the bridal party doesn't happen to really know one another.

Because Anything Personalized Looks Official AF

Set of 2, Mr. Mrs. Wedding Champagne Flutes, $19.99+, Etsy

A toast to the happy couple is always in order. You'll be feeling super official with these cute matching flutes. If you're feeling generous, get the rest of the crew glasses with their role on them, too. If you'd rather not use personalized ones in the limo, a set of disposable champagne flutes work just as well for this leg of the trip! There will be lots of champagne popping, so you best be prepared.

So You Can Get Hella Comfy During The Ride

Wedding party socks- So you don't get cold feet socks, $5.72+, Etsy

In defense of socks, heels and dress shoes can get pretty uncomfortable, especially if they're new. You're all going to take them off anyway, so why not be prepared to fend off the bare feet? During the limo ride is a great time to kick back and relax a bit. They will make for adorable pics, and it's the perfect time to have everyone's feet together in one spot. Get those Instagrams started.

To Keep Them Guessing

Printable Wedding Shower Game, $7.00, Etsy

Why not take some of the downtime to get to see who knows the happy couple best? Stakes are high with your closest buds. They'll like the distraction and you'll have a blast seeing who really knows you best. Especially if you have a good distance between where you tie the knot, and the reception venue, these card games serve as awesome time fillers.

To Keep The Memories Forever

Vintage Polaroid Camera // One Step Land Camera, $74.99, Etsy

Remember those photo props? Yeah, those plus this cool camera will make the most adorable wedding scrapbook ever. A polaroid camera just makes picture-taking so much fun, and it'll mix up the kind of Instagrams you'll be posting throughout the day.

For The Best Selfies Ever

Selfie Ring Light, $19.99, Etsy

In case you don't want to go the polaroid route, or you like to mix some old school and new school — you can't go wrong having this selfie ring light available in the limo. You won't be getting a lot of natural light with the tinted windows, so you'll need to improvise. This is your go-to necessity, and you can thank me after the wedding for thinking of it. I have your back!