9 Things All Cat Owners Have In Common That Are Relatable AF

Cat owners are a special breed. We are so loyal to our fur babies (as they are to us), and we would do anything for them. We love our kitties, because, come on, have you seen how freakin' adorable they are?! How could you not be in love with something so fluffy, cuddly, and effortlessly cute on the regular? The world may not understand us yet, but the things cat owners have in common usually bring us all together in a proud, unified, cat-loving crew.

We know the struggles of taking care of our four-legged friends, and the joys of getting to cuddle with them every night. Cats can provide us with the best snuggles on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and endless comedy watching them chase around a laser for hours. There's a reason why cat videos are so popular on the Internet — and it's because these furry animals are pawsitively delightful.

As a fellow cat owner, I don't need to tell you what you already know, which is that cats are seriously the best. We can come together and reflect on these nine things we all have in common as cat owners, and share funny stories about our purr-fect friends. We've got catitude, and we're totally proud of it.

You Currently Have Some Cat Hair On You Somewhere

Let's face it — as cat owners, we've learned to just live with a fine layer of cat hair on pretty much everything we own. We've gone through many lint rollers, and still have some fur lurking about somewhere.

By now, I'm honestly OK with having some cat hair on me. I can look down at whatever I'm wearing, any time of day, and see at least one hair. Even if I haven't been near my kitty, there's something there — it's just inevitable.

You Gravitate Toward Your Friend's Cat At Their Party

If you're at a party and you find out the host has a cat, that's exactly where you'll be all night. Some people can be found on the dance floor. Other people can be found chilling near the pizza. If someone wants to find you, all they need to do is find the corner with the cat.

You've Taken So Many Pictures Of Your Fur Baby, That Your Phone Storage Is Almost Always Full

We've all been there. You go to take a picture of something really epic — like a sunset — and when you open your camera, you get an error message that your phone storage is full. You quickly delete some pictures to make room — and that's when you realize that most of the pictures on your phone are of your cat.

They're all just so cute, and you definitely need those pics of when your kitty was sleeping in the funniest position possible. Sorry sunset, we'll catch you another day.

You've Struggled With Wanting To Move, But Not Wanting To Disturb Your Sleeping Kitty

It's like Mission Impossible when this happens. You've been cuddling with your cat, and then suddenly get a cramp and need to readjust. If you move at all, you will disturb your kitty from the cutest little nap they've ever had. You contemplate the different ways you could maneuver yourself without disturbing them, but you almost always end up dealing with the pain and not moving to keep them as cute as possible.

You've Woken Up With A Cat On Your Head Before

Cats honestly DGAF about where they sleep. They can get comfy anywhere. Your cat has probably sat right on your keyboard while you're typing away at your computer and truly doesn't care. They make their own rules. That's why you've probably woken up a few times with a cat on your head. You've always wanted to get closer with your kitty, but you never expected to get that close.

You Get Jealous That Dog Owners Can Just Bring Their Babies Everywhere

Living in LA, I literally see dogs in every store, restaurant, and even in the office. It's a little upsetting that we can't just bring our cats with us everywhere when we want to go out for brunch or shopping with the squad.

I'm green with envy. But, to be fair, I'm sure our feline friends don't really want to be tagging along for these adventures. They'll nap at home, and see you later when you get back.

You Keep Your Very Fragile Things Away From The Edges

It's true that cats have a little mischievous side to them. If you're leaving things right on the edge of bookcases and dressers, it's like you're begging for them to knock it over. That's why we know not to put the fragile, important things anywhere near an edge that your cat can push off.

You're OK With Some Love Scratches

We've all heard a friend say, "Oh man, did your cat do that?" You look down and see a scratch on your arm that you didn't even know was there before. Many of us are so used to little scratches from our skittish kitties, that we're totally alright with it.

You've Recreated The Scene From 'The Lion King' With Your Cat

There's no shame here — we've probably all done it. When you're home alone with your cat, you have felt the urge to pick them up like Rafiki did with Simba in The Lion King, and burst out into the song, "The Circle Of Life."

It's just so hard not to do it. I mean, if chocolate peanut butter ice cream is sitting out, you're most likely going to eat it. Just like if a cat is there, you're going to want to recreate one of the most iconic scenes from a Disney movie.