9 Smart Ways To Make Use Of Your Long-Forgotten Makeup Stash

I'm willing to bet that at the bottom of last season's purse or tucked away in the back of your vanity drawer, there's a graveyard of makeup that leaves you feeling in you've created a personalized hot-mess makeup line. While it's not uncommon for our half-used lipsticks and summer foundations to fall by the wayside in favor of shiny, newly purchased versions, it is far too common for us to abandon these products altogether — even if they used to be among our most loved.

Instead of pitching these forgotten favorites into the nearest trash can, why not bring them back out into the limelight? Track everything down by checking old purses, suitcases, and storage drawers, then organize the products into Ziploc® brand accessory bags. We love ‘em because they’re so much more durable than your average plastic bag, they zip right up (so no spills), they’ve got a chic aesthetic, and they’re easy to find inside your purse.

Once everything has a new home in a place where you'll actually see it, work your rediscovered faves back into your everyday look, or try one of these expert-approved tips for giving them a whole new identity.

Give Eyeshadow A Second Life

Unearthed a beloved eyeshadow only to find it crushed and crumbled? Patch it right up by mixing in a few drops of rubbing alcohol, then press it flat with a butter knife. Allow the compact to dry, then store it alongside all your other eyeshadows in a Ziploc® brand accessory bag to keep it protected and within arm’s reach.

Layer Lip Colors For An On-Trend Refresh

Embrace a whole new look with some color mixing action: Just slick one color on top of the other and voilà. My fave combo right now is to top a base of red with a bubblegum pink for the prettiest shade of coral, but there are endless ways to experiment with your own collection of hues.

Transform Liquid Foundation Into A Pretty Tint

Before applying, swirl a drop of your regular moisturizer or face oil into a blob of foundation for a sheer, glowy tint that lets your natural skin shine through.

Try Concealer As Highlighter

Sometimes you just want to do less, you know? Add some light to the high points of your face by patting your under eye concealer over cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose, just as you would highlighter. You'll get a brightening effect without the sheen that screams, "I'm wearing makeup right now!"

Use Blush For A Monochromatic Look

You know all those trendy multi-purpose products that brands are trying to charge you upwards of $30 for? They're all just blush in disguise. Achieve the same effect by tapping a favorite shade of blush over eyelids, your nose, and even lips.

Repurpose Lip Balm Into Brow Wax

Not exactly vibing with a rediscovered lip balm? That’s fine, but don't toss it! Instead, rub a clean spoolie brush directly into the balm, then run the brush through brows to hold hairs in place.

Load Up On Spoolies

If you’re not sure of the last time you used a forgotten mascara, toss the tube but not the wand. Clean it well with warm water and soap and use it as a spoolie to tame brows or remove mascara clumps. Then dedicate one of your Ziploc® brand accessory bags just for brushes and tools so they’re all in one place.

Use Liquid Lipstick As A Bold Matte Liner

Scoop some of the lip color on the back of your hand, pick some up with an angled brush, and flick on a vibrant-colored (orange! purple! pink!) wing. Got a ton of lip colors? Group them by hue, then toss them into separate Ziploc® brand accessory bags. The semi-transparent bags mean easy identification, no matter what you're storing.

Create Custom Nail Art With A Liquid Liner Brush

Forgotten liquid liner? Throw out the bottle but keep the brush — it’s the perfect size for creating cute lil’ nail art designs. Who knew?


This post is sponsored by Ziploc® brand.