9 Pretty Sex Toys That Are Both Fun To Look At & Play With

Multifunctional items are one of life's greatest joys. This is especially true when one of those functions involves an orgasm. When a sex toy is as pretty as it is powerful, you've hit the jackpot. Plus, masturbating is a dope way to show yourself some love and boost your self-esteem. When the thing that helps you get off is glittery and cute, well, can you imagine masturbation being even more fun than it already is?

As sex and gender therapist Casey Tanner previously told Elite Daily, "Many of us have had our sexualities politicized, targeted, shamed, or exploited by others. Many of us have had sexual experiences with people who did not attend to our pleasure. Many of us have jobs that require constant attention to others. Masturbation and self-pleasure create space to mindfully attend only to you." They also explained that by trying to feel at home in your body, you can also find comfort in yourself, and a prime way to feel at home in your body?Masturbation.

Naturally, if you're buying sex toys to cater to your needs and love on yourself, why not buy some that fit your aesthetic too? Here are some gorgeous toys you can add to your collection that really put the "treat" in "treat yo'self."

A Crystalline Way To Rub One Out

If you're looking for a little bit of mysticism in your self-pleasure sessions, Chakrubs' crystal sex toys are a solid start. They're made of (you guessed it!) real crystals, and according to the brand's site, "you are ready to delve into your humanness [and] your divinity, to heal wounds that may hold you back, [and] to discover what is unique about you" when you masturbate with with their toys.

One eye-catching Chakrub that'll help you cross the finish line is the Heart dildo, carved out of rose quartz. (There's also a "slim" version of the toy, along with some other that come in amethyst and jade instead of rose quartz.) You'd probably be into these toys if you're looking at masturbation as meditation, and want a toy that'll keep you spiritually grounded.

If You Love All Things Glam

As far as sex toys go, this one's vibe couldn't be more clear. The Adam & Eve Pavé Grace toy is a pastel blue vibrator with a giant, reflective jewel in the middle, which means it essentially looks like something you'd get at Tiffany's. If you're on the hunt for a sex toy that looks like luxury (and feels like it, too, thanks to its five intensity speeds), this sex toy is the one.

A Super Stylish Vibrator

A sex toy you can take to dinner? Sounds like a dream. Unbound's vibrator ring can be two sexy gifts to yourself in one.

With three speeds, two modes, and the choice between gold or silver, Palma would be a good bet if you want to come and go in style.

A Toy To Make Your Heart Rush

This Lovelife Wanderlust wand by Adam & Eve has six levels of intensity and seven vibration patterns. And if pleasing yourself that thoroughly with this wand doesn't yell "self-love," the vibrator's heart-shaped head and button definitely does.

A Cosmic Dildo

Listen, you're a star, and stars deserve to masturbate with toys that reflect that same cosmic energy. Instead of sexing yourself up with a regular dildo, why not get down with a sparkly one?

Godemiche Silicone has all kinds of hand-poured dildos, from pearlescent ones with swirling colors to some with interesting textures and shapes. Along with the galaxy-themed dildos, the glittery ones are the absolute dreamiest.

A Toy That'll Help You Make A "Splash"

With its shiny blue finish, this waterproof Adam and Eve Dolphin dildo is aptly named. Apart from the shimmer being pretty as heck, this dildo is also a vibrator controlled by twisting the ring at the base.

A Sex Toy Fit For A Queen

You may already be familiar with rabbit vibrators, which are built to stimulate both a vagina-owner's clitoris and G-spot. This one, from ZALO's "Versailles" collection, is decked out with "jewelry-grade details for the ultimate luxurious experience."

That's to say, when you're masturbating, you'll be doing so in a style that's worthy of 18th-century French nobility. And while Marie Antoinette and her court could have never have fathomed a vibrator with the Bluetooth connectivity (to control the speeds), this toy's gold-plating and ornate design will help you feel like royalty.

Art Gallery Vibes

If you love art and history, you'll probably appreciate Adam & Eve's Mondri-Anne bullet vibrator. Apart from the cute design, the name is a low-key reference to Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who's famous for his colorful, geometric designs — like the one on this vibrator. At 4-inches long and with 10 vibration functions, this bullet vibrator is literally a piece of art that you can carry around in your purse.

9. Some Futuristic Fun

And last but not least, Nox Shop's glass dildo. Some of the "Icicles" have straight bulbs, but curved dildos can give you that little extra reach for G-spot stimulation.

When it comes to sex toys, you may think you have to decide between functionality and fashion, or aesthetics and performance. But these nine toys are beautiful evidence that you can have the best of both.