9 People Reveal The Real Reasons They Cheated, & Now I’m Suspicious

OK, so here's the hottest of hot takes: Cheating is a bummer. It's not fun to be cheated on, and often even the partner who was unfaithful ultimately regrets it. And yet, cheating happens. Maybe it’s just human nature, or maybe it's just a sign that the relationship was not the right one. Whatever the reason, the best thing you can do in that scenario is chalk it up to a learning experience. Thanks to Reddit threads where people reveal the reasons they cheated you can actually get some real insight into reasons why people may be unfaithful — without having to cheat or be cheated on yourself.

Normally, infidelity is a very private and personal issue to be worked out between two people. However, when people do chose to open up about their cheating pasts, it gives us the opportunity to learn something new. For instance, you learn a lot about the dynamics of relationships that are more likely to lead to cheating. That way, if you start to sense things going sideways in your own partnership, you can recognize the signs and get things back on track. You can also get a good idea of what to look out for if you’re worried your partner might not be keeping it 100 percent faithful. So, let's all take a cue from these incredibly honest folks who shared why they cheated on their partners.

They were unhappy in their relationship.
I had an abusive partner for a while. He was manipulative and pretty much only came around when he wanted sex. I wasn't allowed to have friends or go out without him, so I was sitting at home and chatting on facebook with an old friend. He asked if I wanted to come watch a movie at his house, and I said yes. Because I needed to be free. So I went to this dude's house knowing full and well that I was going to have sex with him.
I didn't even feel bad about it the next day. I was so miserable in this relationship that it was easy for me to soberly decide to go fuck another dude just tell feel normal. I don't regret it. I left shortly after.


Tempted By A Coworker
I never did anything physical while in the relationship but my coworker was hilarious. We vibed immediately and I started to look forward to seeing him every day. I told my boyfriend i had a crush, and that i would stop talking to this coworker cause i cared about my boyfriend too much. But i was weak and only stayed away from him for about a week.
Our text messages got more and more flirty and eventually led to sexting. My relationship imploded shortly after. I slept with the coworker not long after the end of the relationship and realized it was so not worth it. He sucked in bed and ended up being a douche who got bored with me after he slept with me. Which i totally deserved. Karma is a b****.
Why did I do it? I let my passions rule me, and I felt trapped.


They were confused about who they wanted to be with.
I was in a straight relationship and was hopelessly confused about my sexuality. A cute guy in gym class was hitting on me super hard. One day he comes over to play video games. One thing leads to another. Right after I kick him out and call up my gf and tell her what happened. Our relationship was on the decline for three months until we broke up. We're friends now. Turns out I'm bi


They couldn’t get out of a bad relationship.
I'd fallen for someone else, that person loved me back. I tried to end my current relationship so I could be with the other person. Ex wouldn't hear me out properly. Got very aggressive. Thank God we met in a public space with cameras. I cheated that night because he refused to accept our relationship was over until he called the next day. I reiterated I wanted it to be over, so it ended. Would never do it again. Been with the other guy for five and a half years now.


He was a jerk and cheating on me too. He refused to move out, I thought he'd get the hint when I told him I'd slept with a friend, he didn't. I didn't want to get the cops involved, so just carried on with him and the friend. Friend is now husband, so clearly eventually the message was received, just holy hell, how dim can you be bro?


It just kind of happened.
We had been dating for seven years. She was my college girlfriend, stuck with me through thick and thin and we were planning on having children until one day, I was told I couldn't. It hurt our relationship. We discussed adoption but it was tough for her. We looked into reproductive therapy but it wasn't confirmed. She ended up making the last second decision to go to her family's for the holidays instead of mine and I was crushed.
Met a girl at the first class lounge at the airport. Got on a plane, thinking I wouldn't see her but she sat next to me. When we landed, I offered to pay for her Uber and she jumped in mine. Badda Boom.


Straight-Up Revenge
Shitty answer... But he cheated on me first, I couldn't get over it and I wanted him to feel the same way. So I revenge cheated. I can't entirely say I regret it nor am I proud of it. It's something that was wrong to do, that ultimately didn't have earn me any kid of closure or satisfaction. :I He also didn't seem to care much about it.


She was very insecure and, for 10 years, was always sure that I was cheating on her when I absolutely was not. I figured that if she thought I was getting some on the side, I might as well do the real thing and get all the benefits along with the bulls***. It’s over now. I don’t regret it.


He had cheated on me multiple times and I wasn't quite ready to leave him because of the kids, so I tried to exact some kind of revenge by sleeping with someone too. In retrospect I wish that I had kept the high ground. I left him 2 months later.


There are lots of reasons people decide to cheat, some of them more understandable than others, but the takeaway is that the person cheating rarely feels good about it afterward. In fact, I think most of these situations could have been avoided with some honest communication. So, if you feel like you are on either side of this situation, it may be time to get real with both yourself and your partner about what the future holds (or doesn't) for your relationship.

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