9 Games To Play At Your Friendsgiving Party That'll Have The Whole Crew Laughing

A Friendsgiving party is where you really let loose and celebrate the yummy holiday with your best crew. It's relaxing and can make any group of friends closer and stronger. Aside from the food and reminiscing the good times, interactive Friendsgiving activities are a must. Throwbacks are the games to play at Friendsgiving, because they were entertaining as hell when we were kids, and still are now that we're adults.

Friendsgiving is the prime time to explore all of those game idea mashups you've always wanted to try. Mixing in some funny board games is also necessary. Yeah, maybe we have put our own "adult" touch to these games, but we still enjoy how simple and fun they are.

When it comes to games for a group of friends, everyone can relate to bringing it back to the basics. You know, the time when we actually had to use our imaginations and wit to entertain ourselves. Those were the days, and on Friendsgiving those games get a second chance to make us laugh, enjoy the company of other people, and naturally have a good time. Whether you take it back to old school or try something new, these games are a surefire way to keep you and your guests beyond entertained.

Beer Pong With Spiked Eggnog

This is a game if you and your 21 and up friends want to put a unique spin on the beloved OG beer pong. To get into the spirit of things, fill the cups up with a mixture of eggnog, and preferably, a dark liquor. Let the games and sipping commence. May the best team win.

"Cards Against Humanity"
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OK, make sure everyone has a sense of humor and that they don't mind ingesting incredibly funny yet bizarre compilations of phrases and scenarios. If you've ever played this game, you know it is not for the faint of heart. You're often faced with the decision of being horrible or bloody horrendous. Either way, it'll get people laughing and trying to one up each other.

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Twister brought out the pretzel in all of us as kids. Miraculously, we were able to maneuver our bodies in unbelievable ways just to stay in the game. As adults, we still have that competitive attitude, but now we have those yoga classes on our side to hopefully lead us to an epic victory.

"Phase 10"
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This game is great for anyone who happens to be a card shark. The makers of Uno also make Phase 10, and it is super competitive and fun. It's way better with a large group of friends, and the flow of the game could change dramatically within one hand. If you know someone who knows how to play rummy, watch out for them.

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OK, this game made me stressed the heck out as a kid, but it was always fun to play with friends. Thankfully, none of the people I played this with grew up to be doctors, because those shaky hands would have definitely done some damage. Gather around at the table and watch as everyone takes their shot at not trying to get buzzed out.

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Who doesn't like cracking a good mystery? Clue, which is also a movie, will have everyone thinking twice about their shouldering neighbors and repelling any candlesticks or lead pipes. The facts can get a bit intense, but the game is all in good fun.

"Never Have I Ever"

This one's a super throwback right here. Remember playing this game so that you could get the scoop on people? Well, it's a lot less juvenile when you're grown up and playing this with friends. Who knows, you may even learn some new, interesting things about your buddies. Be sure to play responsibly.

Musical Chairs

If you've never played musical chairs as a kid, it's never too late to enjoy it. That moment when the music stops and you are hurriedly trying to claim a chair is probably the most exciting but nerve-racking thing ever. Why do so many of these games from our childhood toy with our emotions? They always kept us on our toes, that's for sure.


Jenga never gets old. No one wants to be the one who drops the tower of wooden blocks, but you never know. One move that you thought was solid, ends up being the worst move possible. Have fun with it, and the person who drops the blocks has to take shots or do something silly (if they're 21 and up). Unlike in the actual game, you've got wiggle room to devise a playful punishment for the person who loses.

Playing games and having fun with your friends is always a golden time. Friendsgiving deserves to be a monthly holiday because once a year isn't cutting it.