9 Women Reveal The Funniest Things That Have Happened During Sex & OMG, It's A Lot

by Candice Jalili

Sex is many things. It can be hot, steamy, and passionate. It can be intense, soulful and full of love. And it can also, at times, be downright hilarious. No, seriously. Sex can be incredibly funny. So much so that, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, real ladies shared the absolute funniest things that have happened during sex, based on their own personal experiences.

Read along and get ready to laugh your heart out.

He Made A Hilarious Joke While She Was Giving Him Head
my boyfriend once got these huge eyes and said “WHOA, that’s a big bite” during head and that made us both audibly laugh. now he says it in nonsexual situations like when i’m eating food or doing other mundane tasks. has made me nearly choke from laughter several times.


Her Dog Licked Her Boyfriend's Foot
One time I thought I had closed the door but my dog is smart af and got it open, trotted up to the bed, and gave my boyfriend's foot a quick lick. He was so startled he yelled "WTF WHY" and the dog, feeling guilty, came to where I was laying and tried to get forgiveness pets by shoving at my arm. I was wheezing from laughter.


Her Boyfriend's Cat Took A Big Fall While They Were Doing It
Mine was my boyfriends cat tried to jump onto the desk, landed on a tennis racket that was precariously placed, and hilariously tumbled to the floor. The cat and I had made eye contact; I couldn’t breathe for a minute.


She Tooted While He Was Going Down On Her
My husband and I ate some Burger King that caused me to get extremely gassy. We got horny and he decided to give me oral. I was holding my gas in and thought I was out of the woods but when I climaxed, the Biggest Fart came rushing out while his face was in my coochie. He immediately jumped up and said, “What the.......!” We both started laughing hysterically.


Their Intercourse Was Interrupted By The Sound Of Pet Pooping
Heard a bunch of loud scratching noises from the next room. He asked what it was, I had to tell him it was my cat digging in the litter box because she was about to poop. We spent the next couple minutes trying not to laugh.


They Fell Off The Bed
My husband and I fell off the bed. We have a cheaper metal frame and the center of gravity is off. We were fooling around at the foot of the bed and the entire thing tipped over and sent us toppling to the floor


Their Cat Took A Nap On His Back Mid-Sex
While having sex in missionary, the cat jumped onto his back, settled down and took a nap. Ruined orgasms and teary laughter ensued.


Queefs Are Always A Guaranteed Laugh
Queefs are always hilarious


He Suddenly Told Her He Wanted To Adopt A Rat While They Were Doing It
😄 the funniest/cutest thing was... We were having sexy time my ex bf and I and talking dirty... For some reason he stops and says... " We need to adopt a rat" 😂 I was like... WTF... Just keep going... 😲😲😲Then later that day we got a stuffed animal rat 🙂😄❤️


I told you guys these stories wouldn't disappoint! Next time something embarrassing or weird happens during sex, don't forget to embrace it and treat yourself to a nice LOL.

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