9 Fun Questions You Could Ask Your Partner While Texting Them

by Annie Foskett

I've never been great at texting. In fact, I'm a D-list texter. Whether I'm texting my dad's neighbor about which plants he needed watered or texting someone I am genuinely crushing on, I suck across the board. That is why I envy you, Ms. Googler of "fun questions to ask your boyfriend," because you must be a god damn A-list texter. Consistent, responsive, and inquisitive for the people who matter most. Hell, you're even willing to do some research. Cheers to you.

I know that my terrible texting mostly means that I am lazy. I am certainly capable of crafting cohesive, thoughtful strings of words, but something about the iMessage button-to-thumb pad ratio drives me nuts. I commend your dedication to not being lazy in your communication with your SO. Très mature. (Pronounced "ma-tour.")

In a couple, talking to each other with your mouths is crucial, but talking to each other with your fingers is important, too. (I know, I know... that's what he said.) Finger-speak is especially important if you are long-distance or if you have trouble making time to see each other in person. While I'm in unintentional-innuendo land, you can't always be sexy-texting your SO either. You both have jobs! (Hopefully.)

Since I seem to be a laissez-faire texter, and thus an inadequate one, I decided to challenge myself to come up with 9 fun questions to ask a partner. I was curious to see if I could overcome my laziness with a deadline. I think I did, because I don't currently have a partner, but now I want to text one these Qs:

1. What's The First Thing You Thought Of This Morning?

OK, so I definitely co-opted this one from Vogue's "73 Questions" series, but I really love it. First off, I'm not exactly sure what the first thing I thought about this morning was. (Probably: Why is everyone on Instagram drinking more juice than me?) Bae will have fun noodling on this one. Also, it's interesting to find out what the F goes on in your partner's head first this in the AM. Early morning thoughts are weeeeeird.

2. If You Could Only Have Ice Cream Or Cheese For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would You Choose?

For the lactose intolerant and vegans SOs, you can switch this up. French fries and pizza works, as does wine and coffee. To clarify: The respondent can eat things other than cheese and ice cream, but if they pick "cheese," then they can never have ice cream again. And vice versa. I like this because it's hard and also because food is dreamy.

3. Who Would You Have A Threesome With At This Party?

My friend in a very loving relaysh gave me this one. This is a sexy, across-the-room text that could also totally backfire and lead to a jealousy-spin on one of your parts. Tread carefully. You could also sub "of all celebrities" for "at this party." That's a fun way to spice up the work day.

4. Have You Ever Peed Your Pants Laughing?

Hopefully their answer is yes, and you can hear the excellent story behind it. Or, maybe you were witness to it. Either way, a great thing to know about your SO.

5. What Are Your Top Five TV Shows Of All Time?

I like to add "that you could re-watch forever" here, because sometimes smarty pants like to name the most zeitgeist-worthy, "classic" shows like Oz, which, let's be honest, they were probably too young to watch.

6. What's Your Favorite Rap Lyric?

Another borrow from Vogue, but this is an excellent question. Mine is probably "If heaven had a height you would be that tall" by Common. I'm soft. Or wait. I forgot about Kanye...

7. What's Your Favorite Kanye Lyric?

From the deeper "I'm so gifted at finding what don't like the most / So I think it's time for us to have a toast" from "Runaway" to the more, um, straightforward "If you ain't no punk holla we want prenup!" (and everything before it), this is a superb point of conversation.

8. Want To Meet Up For A Midday Drink?

Or coffee. Or lunch. Playing hooky rules, and playing hooky simultaneously with someone you date rules even more. Whether you are both at work, or just at different friend commitments, taking an hour to meet up is delightful.

9. Do You Want To Try The Butter Churner Tonight?

Your partner might assume you went to a flea market in Brooklyn and got some strange new vintage appliance to test out. But no, the "butter churner" is a sex position. (Proof.) Sending any text that gets your boo thinking about what you both might get up to later that evening is v hot.

There you have it. If you give any of these a go, please do report back. (If they work, maybe I've finally moved out of the "D-list" category of texters.)

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