9 Essentials To Pack When Traveling Abroad That'll Make Your Trip So Much Easier

Paper Source/Outdoor Voices

When it comes to traveling to a new destination, I think most of us can relate to the packing struggle every now and then. You're excited to visit this place that's been on your bucket list for what seems like forever. You're counting down the days until your flight departs, and you've been reading every blog on the internet to help you plan for this trip. But when it comes time to pack, you're totally stumped. Where do you even begin? Well, here are some essentials to pack when traveling abroad so that you're ready for the adventure.

Packing can feel like the most daunting task whenever you're preparing for a trip. You don't want to under-pack, but you certainly don't want to overpack. You feel like you should be prepared for every scenario under the sun, but you can't bring it all. So, it's important to be strategic about the things you do decide to bring.

You want to ensure that you prepare for the weather and any other planned activities. You want to prioritize clothes that make you feel really good, because you can only pack so much. There are certain things that you don't want to leave behind, and this list will help you start packing for the adventure of a lifetime.

A Folding Travel Mirror

This travel mirror is perfect for the girl who wants to stay glam on-the-go. Whether you're traveling by plane, boat, or train, this travel mirror is the perfect companion. It can easily fold into your carry-on or suitcase so that you never have to leave it behind. You'll be able to get ready or touch up your makeup, no matter where you are.

Your Favorite Travel-Size Shampoo And Conditioner

Don't forget your daily care essentials when you're packing for your next trip. You can bring along your favorite shampoo and conditioner, but it's important to ensure that it's travel-size if you want to pack it in your carry-on.

A Chic Passport Holder

A passport holder will keep your most important travel document secure as you navigate the world. This cute AF passport holder will also hold your credit cards and ID cards. It says "Im outta here," and honestly, #mood.

An International Travel Adapter

A travel adapter can help you stay plugged in wherever you go. Whenever you travel internationally, it's important that you pack an adapter so that you can charge your electronics and stay connected.

Packing Cubes

When it comes to packing, the struggle can be all too real. Packing cubes make the process a whole lot easier. They'll keep your clothing organized and compressed, so that you can easily sort through your bags while you're on the road. Let's just say, packing cubes will change your travel life.

An Instant Polaroid Camera

You likely love to do it for the 'Gram every now and then, but why not capture your trip in a way that'll last for years to come? When you use an instant camera, you'll be living in the moment, and will also have tangible memories to carry with you long after your trip has ended.

An E-Reader

There's no better time to start or finish that book you've been holding onto. The Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight, waterproof E-reader that makes it easy to read on-the-go. Unlike physical books, this won't weigh your bag down.

Cute And Comfy Activewear

Whether you're on a mountain hike, taking a fitness class abroad, or walking around exploring the sites you'll need the support of some cute and comfy activewear. High-quality activewear can be versatile and will hold up in any condition, and that's extremely important when you have limited clothing options on the road.

A Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated on-the-go with an insulated and reusable Swell water bottle. It will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and warm for up to 12 hours. You'll also be prevent waste by reusing one water bottle instead of purchasing plastic bottles.