9 Creative Puns For Your Tinder Bio If You're Feeling Festive About The Holidays

If the only thing you're asking Santa for on your Christmas list this year is a little help with your dating life, then you might want to make some holiday puns for your Tinder bio. Everybody knows that the big man in red likes to laugh a lot, and the same goes for basically everyone else in the whole wide world. You can show off how witty and clever you are by spicing up your Tinder profile, not with cinnamon and eggnog, but with some well-placed puns. And if you're feeling less than clever, just think about all of the plays you can put on the word "sleigh."

Need more reason to invest a little extra wit in your Tinder bio? Think about all of the fun seasonal dates you can go on this year. Between ice skating, decking the halls in boughs of holy, and baking cookies, Christmas is basically a holiday that's designed for couples to have fun. If you're pouting because you don't have someone to share your hot chocolate with, you can still get your cuffing in before Dec. 25.

Want to play some reindeer games, but feeling a bit rusty with your stand up routine? Don't worry, I've got the clever puns for your Tinder profile covered.

1. "'Cause I Sleigh"

Did you hear about how much Rudolph loves Beyoncé? Apparently, he gets his sleigh team prepped on Christmas Eve by singing, "OK, reindeer, now let's get in formation."

2. "I'm Basically Santa: You Have To Be Good For Me To Share My Presents"


You can be a little bit flirty with your puns, too. Also, consider updating your profile pictures to reflect the season by taking some pictures of you waiting for that special someone beneath the mistletoe.

3. "On My Ideal Date, We Head North To Watch Some Pole Dancing"


Say what you will about the Clauses, but I don't think they're batty, out-of-touch, old codgers. Anyone who manages to stay partners in life and Christmas for centuries has to be into some fun things, if you know what I mean.

4. "Looking For An Elf-Made Man"


Better than a self-made man, an elf-made man was crafted from pixie dust and fresh snow powder and enchanted to never, ever, ever leave your texts on read.

5. "Like A Runaway Elf, I'm A Rebel Without A Clause."


If you think you're too edgy for Christmas jokes, think again. Whoever said you can't jam to some carols and be a badass, too?

6. "Pining For Someone To Come Over, Help Me Decorate The Tree, And Spruce Up My Place"

Use this pun on an Earth sign for maximum returns. They love household chores.

7. "Sleigh My Name, Sleigh My Name"


What is Christmas without some Destiny's Child, honestly? They might have broken up, like, over a decade ago, but I think that means they just need to become a part of our most honored holiday traditions.

8. "There's Myrrh To Me Than Meets The Eye"


You can make jokes and still be cute and mysterious. This is a great way to get someone who wants to find out about the real, true you.

9. "Local Angel Looks For Christmas Tree To Top"


I swear on Kris Kringle, if you put this in your bio, an angel like you will be having the best holiday ever.

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