9 Christmas Movies To Watch With Bae While You Snuggle By The Fire

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What's even more delightful than a good romantic comedy? A holiday romantic comedy with all the festive and cozy trimmings, of course. Cuddling up on the couch to watch endless hours of film favorites is an activity that's as integral to the season as ice skating or decking the halls, and romantic Christmas movies make the time that much more merry and bright.

We're suckers for epic and over-the-top declarations of love, predictable last minute recognitions of true feelings that end in a warm embrace, and just general Christmas cheer. A passionate kiss is one thing, but a passionate kiss in a snowy scene or a holiday themed situation just takes things to the next level. You have practically one and a half months out of twelve to really break free from from the confines of regular old rom-coms that don't always offer these seasonal perks. It's time to take advantage of the most wonderful time of the year.

Get that fire a-cracklin,' make yourself a nest under your blanket of choice, grab a decedent dessert-y beverage that would be weird to drink any other time of year, and prepare to watch some of the best romantic holiday movies out there.


Sure, it's a bizarre tale of an adult elf who sets out on a New York City odyssey to find his long lost father, but it works in a way maybe only Will Ferrell could pull off. Amidst all the silliness, the family stuff, and the swirly twirly gumdrops, it's also a love story.

Stream Elf here.

Bridget Jones's Diary

"I like you very much... just as you are." Just hearing those words gives us comfort and joy. You said it, Darcy.

Stream Bridget Jones's Diary here.


Bill Murray makes everything better and his late-eighties take on the classic Charles Dickens fable is part ghost story, part screwball, part romance in all the wackiest ways.

Stream Scrooged here.

About a Boy

This film gets heavy at times, but you'll feel like your heart grew a few sizes after watching. It's uplifting, without crossing over into sappy territory, and will make you appreciate your relationships, as well as life's little pleasures.

Stream About A Boy here.

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Calling all JTT fans of yesteryear and today. Have we got a throwback for you. 1998 was a year and when Savage Garden topped the charts, butterfly clips were all the rage, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel made a Disney movie about finding the true meaning of Christmas.

Stream I'll Be Home For Christmas here.

The Holiday

Nancy Meyers sure knows how to paint a cozy picture. Man, we can only imagine what her holiday tablescape might look like, but we digress... The Holiday has become a must-watch romantic romp in the past decade. We're looking for corny in our lives, too!

Stream The Holiday here.

Best Man Holiday

We had to sit tight for 14 years to get a sequel to 1999's The Best Man, but getting back this charismatic ensemble for a Christmastime reunion was worth the wait. It's like catching up with old friends. Prepare to laugh and — fair warning — you'll probably cry a little too.

Stream Best Man Holiday here.


Destiny takes a hand in this enchantingly cheesy comedy that leaves love up to fate. Boy meets girl, they decide to not provide each other's digits directly to see if they're meant to be, and it all plays out somewhat how you would expect. It's kind of like a Taylor Swift song come to life, and we're cool with that.

Stream Serendipity here.

Love Actually

Need we explain this one? It's impossible to talk about romantic holiday films without mentioning the irrefutable poster child for the genre.

Stream Love Actually here.