8 Women Reveal The Most Painful Times They've Been Dumped & It’s Brutal

I remember the first time I got dumped. It was humiliating. It was also in fourth grade. So maybe it's not one of my most painful stories of being dumped, but it has left a lasting impression. You see, I had been going out with Danny Meyers for the whole week. I had asked him out through a friend on Monday and he said, “I guess.” We didn't speak the entire week. It was true love. But come recess on Friday, I had a sense that something was off. He wasn't looking at me, so everything was normal on that front. The problem was all his friends were, and they were whispering. Until one (Andrew, you Judas) walked up to me and said, “You’re dumped.” The world spun off its axis and love had died. Well, at least until after school when I asked Bobby L. to go out with me (I was apparently a very aggressive pre-teen) and he said, "Sure." Romance lives! Love is reborn!

Don't you wish all your breakups were as "tragic" as your school-yard ones? Unfortunately, no kickball-adjacent dumping is going to prepare you for the real thing when you're grown up. And if you think kids can be cruel, just take a look at these brutal breakup stories people shared on Reddit. Seriously folks, brace yourself, there is rough stuff ahead.

They pulled a disappearing act.
We were constantly breaking up and getting back together for the three years we dated. The worst breakup was when he texted me unexpectedly, I can't do this anymore. I called him and he wouldn't pick up the phone so I drove over to his place. That's when I realized he had packed up all his stuff and started the thousand mile drive back to our home state when he texted me.


I was with my ex fiance for 6 years. One morning I woke up with my engagement ring missing (I always slept with it so I knew he took it while I was sleeping). I didn't say anything just rolled over and hugged him. He acted like nothing happened and got ready for work and asked for me to leave for work. I knew he was leaving so I called in sick that day so he can explain what the fuck was going on. Still he acted like nothing happened and just started packing his things in front of me. It's been a year and we have had no contact at all. The f***er had no soul, don't know why I thought he would be different with me.


Dumped By A Cheater
One guy broke up with me after he'd been cheating on me for 6 months. He took me to a restaurant to try and "mend" the relationship. I was hospitalised with food poisoning a day later. The day after that I woke up at 6am - still in this hospital - to a text that said "I just don't want to be your boyfriend." He then called himself my best friend and phoned me at 6pm that night to see how I was "coping" with the break up. A**hole.


He cheated on me. And he told me in front of all his friends as they laughed. The girl he cheated on me with had a boyfriend as well. So i slept with him as revenge.


I went on Facebook and realized he deleted everything that had me in it. Pictures, statuses, etc. I texted him to ask about it and he admitted to getting another woman pregnant and was going to be with her to raise his kid.


As If Moving Didn’t Suck Enough Already
Uprooted and moved across the country with the guy, realized after the fact just how dependent he was on his parents for EVERYTHING. They basically controlled his life bc he didn't have a real job and lived off of their money. He spent ridiculous amounts of cash on stupid stuff like his train modeling hobby, but they somehow blamed me for all of his failures instead of him (despite me landing freelance work then a full-time job within 3 months of quitting my job and moving with no job prospects). He came home from a trip to see them two days before New Year's Eve and told me they gave him an ultimatum: me or their money. He chose the money. I had to live in the apartment for another two months, sleeping on the sofa bed, while he moved another girl in. Ugh. My f*** buddy and I broke his couch bed, though, so it wasn't all bad in the end.


For Better Or Worse
I had just gone through hell -- had to get emergency surgery after getting food poisoning, 4 days later my apartment burned down, and over the next few weeks, when I was recovering from surgery, some latent sports injuries began to crop up (sacroiliac joint and a gnarly elbow sprain that kinda paralyzed my hand). We had been dating for a year when this all began, and he broke up with me 5 months later. Over the phone, while I was lying in bed on Vicodin. That was a VERY rough year.


The Ultimate Bait And Switch
My first relationship last 5 years, during which my boyfriend explained that he needed to be with someone for 5 years before he knew if it was going to last. Had mentioned multiple times that he would propose on our 5th anniversary. Day comes around, he takes me to dinner, then to the location of our first kiss. Where he proceeds to break up with me.


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