8 Ways To Give Your Partner More Attention If You’ve Been Busy Lately

by Korey Lane

Most people with busy schedules deal with stress and life's generally high demands at some point or another. But sadly, that stress can impact your relationship if you have so much going on that your partner starts becoming less and less of a priority. And while being busy isn't the end of the world, there are ways to give your partner more attention when life starts to get in the way, because you both deserve quality time together, and showing your partner how much they mean to you can be more appreciated than you think.

It's no secret, relationships require attention, that's just a fact. "Coordinating your free time in order to be together is a basic of being in a relationship," best-selling author and NYC dating expert Susan Winter previously told Elite Daily. Relationships take effort, and even though life gets busy, it's important to give your partner the attention they need and deserve if you want your relationship to be a priority.

"You and your partner need to talk about their bottom line for feeling appreciated and valued in a relationship," Winter said. "Get specific: How many days a week does your partner need to see you? How many nights? Do they need the entire weekend? Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning?" Have a baseline understanding of what your partner expects from you, then try out some of the following ideas to shower them with affection.

Take Them To Their Favorite Restaurant

No matter how busy you are, everyone has to eat, so why not eat with your partner at their favorite restaurant? That way, they feel the love and attention, and you don't have to stress about whether or not they'll like it. You already know they do. Take this time to focus on each other! Get your favorite dishes and talk about what you love about each other.

Surprise Them With A Little Something Special

Odds are, if your partner could use some attention, then a little gift will go a long way. Grab their favorite bottle of Scotch or wine, or get them a gift card to their favorite store. This small gesture will show that you're thinking about them, even if you've been super busy lately.

Write Them A Love Note Or Text

If you want to keep it simple, you can't go wrong with a little love note. Whether you leave them a cute letter on the table before heading off to work, or send them a meaningful text while you're gone, they're sure to appreciate it and feel the love.

Book A Trip

You don't even have to go on it just yet! Just plan a trip and put it on your calendar so your partner knows you're serious! They'll see that this busy season is only temporary and you truly are dedicated to them.

Turn Your Phone Off For Date Night

It might be hard, but if you turn your phone off or at least put it on Do Not Disturb during dinner one night, your partner might seriously appreciate it. They'll love knowing they have your full attention.

Do Something They've Always Wanted To Do

Maybe they've always wanted to go to the zoo to feed the giraffes, or visit the local art museum that everyone raves about. Whatever it is, treat them to it! Make them feel special, because they are!

Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Buy some sexy new lingerie or a fun new toy and let them know you're ready to pleasure them! There's nothing sexier than being attentive in the bedroom, and your partner will definitely thank you for it.

Just Sit With Them And Watch Their Favorite Show

If you're super exhausted but want your partner to know you're there for them, then just sitting on the couch together and giving them control of the remote might be the best thing to do. It's simple, intimate, and relaxing.

It's not uncommon for life to get in the way of things that matter to us. There's nothing wrong with getting caught up at work and being super busy, but make sure your partner doesn't feel neglected. A little gesture can go a long way!