8 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas That Buddy The Elf Would Approve Of

'Tis the season to find everything shiny, gather it in your craft corner, and create something so ho-ho-horrible it'll actually be cute. Even if you don't believe in Santa, your creative abilities are never questioned. Messing around with ugly Christmas sweater ideas will be so much fun, and it'll keep you from thinking about whether or not you made it on the naughty or nice list.

I'm not sure where the ugly Christmas sweater idea originally came from, but I am so here for it. The tradition has literally made its way into the workplace and among close-knit groups of friends just looking for a reason to cheers spiked eggnog. Making your own sweater is so satisfying, because even though it is holiday-themed, you're adding your own personality and depiction of this festive time of year.

Every year, people manage to surprise the Internet with these intense Christmas sweaters just when we started to think that the magic from the year before couldn't be topped. This year, whip out all of the tricks in the book, and start crafting a sweater so adorable that Santa will come early this year and gift us with major kudos. Of course, we all want to be original, but peep how these sweaters crushed it.

Bells All Over
LaurDIY on YouTube

A black sweater is perfect if you are trying to get wild with the Christmas lights. Basically, everything that has the potential to pop will stand out so much with black fabric as the backdrop.

This Christmas tree design will look great paired with black leggings or jeans. Get ready for the elves to swoon.

#Blessed With Big Bows
Sierra Schultzzie on YouTube

Wearing a huge ribbon on the front of your sweater is basically like saying you're the gift. Ribbons are so much fun to mess around with, and buying a whole bag full of them in bulk will take just one trip to Target. Actually, Target is probably your best bet for so much of your DIY needs.

Confetti Reindeer Barf
Melissa Denise on YouTube

Confetti barf is a clever way to get a bunch of random Christmas contents incorporated on your sweater. With this look, you have got to enter an ugly sweater contest or something. The elves are definitely coming out of the woodwork to see your masterpiece.

Abominably Adorable Snow Monster
NonaChewy on YouTube

Everyone's always on the hunt for the abominable snowman, and you'll be rocking this epic design right on your Christmas sweater. This may take a little extra effort if you include the lights as well, but it's an incredibly fun outcome. Also, something like this definitely has some year-round potential for those lazy couch days.

Duo Christmas Sweater
Live Your Style on YouTube

Ugly sweaters are better together? Save this for your SO or your best friend who you're literally attached at the hip with. This tutorial is so creative, and it's also a great sweater idea to enter into a contest. Just make sure it's easy to get in and out of, because, you know, bathroom breaks may get a little complicated and awkward.

Fuzzy, Fake Snow Is A Must
HGTV Handmade on YouTube

Adding fuzzy fake snow to your Christmas sweater will be cozy AF, and everyone is going to want to feel it. Clearly, we all have a soft spot for fluffiness that we can touch. You also can't go wrong with penguins — they are so cuddly and adorable.

Selfie Time With Your Sewed-On Stocking
SoCraftastic on YouTube

Putting a huge red stocking on the front of your sweater not only gives you an extra pocket, but you can hide sweet goodies in there as well. When did we stop making those cute stockings with our names etched in gold or silver glitter on the top? Regardless, harness your nostalgia, snag the stocking off the mantle, and get to sewing.

Shiny Trim For The Win
ilikeweylie on YouTube

Instead of hanging that shiny, frilly material on your Christmas tree this year, put it on your sweater instead. It will stand out and make you shimmer. Don't be afraid to combine different fabrics, even if they are conflicting patterns and colors. Ugly Christmas sweater making doesn't really abide by any fashion laws.

Get creative with your ugly Christmas sweater this year, and don't forget to add in a little bit of your own personality in the process. Honestly, it's hard to even call these sweaters ugly anymore.