8 Thoughts You've Definitely Had If You're The Friend Who Always Ends Up Splitting The Check

By Andrea Jordan

There’s nothing like spending the weekend with your friends and enjoying life’s simple luxuries together. Whether your crew is more into the late-night meal at a 24-hour diner, or if you're more likely to gather together for a mid-afternoon brunch, there's just something about enjoying a meal together that guarantees you're going to have a great time with the ones you love.

But as great as these moments are, it's no secret how quickly they can go south the second your waiter brings the check to the table. We all have “that friend” who cannot handle the pressures of splitting the bill, and literally always leaves the responsibility of divvying up everyone's orders on your plate.

Sure, it’s easier to just split the bill evenly, but when all of your friends have a different budget than you, it can get dicey quickly. Do you bite the bullet to salvage friendships and have a peaceful night? Or do you politely bring up the fact that you didn’t partake in the trio of desserts sent to the table?

Though it may seem like a lose-lose situation no matter which route you take, it’s an inevitable part of life. That's exactly why Elite Daily has partnered with the new Venmo card to compile a few thoughts that are definitely going through your mind if you always seem to be finding yourself in the "just send me money with Venmo" camp.

"Should I Just Bail Now?"

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Admit it: You consider bailing on dinner with your friends the second you remember that last time you all went out, you footed the bill for one of their lobster entrees. It's like, do I pretend I’m not feeling well and stay in? Or do I just bite the bullet and hit the town?

"I'll Just Suggest An Affordable Place."


OK, so if you lie to your friends, they're for sure going to bust you when you accidentally post something to your social media account that proves no, you're not actually sick. But if you're going to go out, then you might as well jump on the chance to pick the restaurant that you want to go to.

"Hey Waiter, Be My New Best Friend."


Before things get dicey, I better make it known that I need to be on a separate tab. Should I sneak a note to the waiter, or pull her aside and let her know the deal?

"Yes, I'm Counting How Many Bites Of This App You're Eating."

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I know we agreed to split the appetizer, but you definitely ate six mozzarella sticks and I only ate four, so I'm prorating this later. Thanks.

"And Yes, I Know Your Entree Is $20 More Than Mine."


Naturally since I picked this place out, I've known for hours that I'm getting the grilled vegetable pasta — and you can bet that I took a serious mental note when my friend decided to "treat" herself with a $35 filet mignon. That's right girl: You're treating yourself. Not me.

"Just Bring The Check Directly To Me. It's Fine."

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Because of course, the second the waiter drops the check on the table, that $35-steak-friend is going to suggest we all go splitsies. Do I confess that I've been counting her mozzarella stick intake, or do I suck it up and just pay half? Hold the phone — there’s a miscellaneous item charge for $5. Um, waiter?

"Thank Goodness For The Venmo Card."

Elite Daily

I don't carry cash, so throwing down a few bills for my share is out of the question. But now that I think about it, this is the perfect time to use my new Venmo Mastercard®*. It withdraws money directly from my Venmo balance, so I can use it to pick up the check, then I'll just split the charge in the app and request money from my friends. Ha, I just became the hero of the night. You're all welcome.

"Wait, You Owe Me $40 And You Sent $25. I'll Remember This."

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If all else fails, you can always forgive, but never forget. You'll see this friend again, and that time you can conveniently forget your wallet and treat yourself to a nice steak dinner, compliments of Miss "Let's Just Split It."

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