8 Things You Only Understand If You Live In California

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On the outside looking in, you might imagine life in California made up of palm trees, Instagram-worthy walls, trendy cafés, gorgeous weather, lots of traffic, and actors and actresses spotted pretty much everywhere. That's the vision I had before moving here, but once I actually settled in, I really experienced the things you only understand if you live in California.

Sure, California does have the palm trees, picturesque views, gorgeous beaches, and 80 degrees, but it also has a unique personality that only those who call it home, sweet home can ever understand. If you live in California, you might have a passionate opinion about In-N-Out, and know the different vibes that exist between NorCal and SoCal. Only those who call California home understand what it's really like to sit in freeway traffic for hours on end. You might even be able to pinpoint a local by the way they react to this list.

If you find yourself nodding your head and saying, "Preach," because you agree with any of these eight things, you know it's time to turn up the song "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. It's time to show off the pride you have for your state with a little dance party.

Places Like Joshua Tree And Big Bear Lake Are Perfect For Weekend Getaways

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California has so many wonderful places that are perfect for your next weekend getaway. If you need a little break from your usual routine, you can always rent a cute cabin at Big Bear Lake or a cool airstream in Joshua Tree. You know these are gorgeous places that everyone's heading to for a sweet mini retreat.

The Madonna Inn Is On Your Instagram Bucket List

If you were to create a California Instagram bucket list, the Madonna Inn would for sure be on it. This resort in San Luis Obispo has really unique suites, and a hot pink steak house that makes it the perfect backdrop for the 'Gram. If you live in California, you've either been to the Madonna Inn before, or have it on your list of places to visit ASAP.

The Beach Is Always A Prime Option

If you're located by or near the water, you know the ocean is always calling your name. All you have to do is hop in a car and head to the surf and sand, for a day filled with relaxation and sunshine.

A Few Miles Away Could Actually Mean Hours Of Sitting In Traffic

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Even if somewhere is only a few miles away, that could translate to hours of sitting in traffic. In New York City, I could visit my friends in Brooklyn, make a stop in Queens, and then head home to Manhattan all in one night. In LA, you might stick to your neighborhood as best as you can. Even your dating app range may be set super low, because if the person you're crushing on is more than five miles away, the distance can be an issue. (OK, that might be a tad dramatic, but still, the traffic struggle is real.)

Your Friends May Have Annual Passes To Disneyland

You know that most of the visitors at Disneyland are locals with annual passes. In fact, you probably have a few friends with passes to Disneyland who like to go every weekend. With churros and Space Mountain right there, why wouldn't you want to go whenever you could?

You Know The Best Places For Tacos

Let's be honest: You can find some of the best tacos in California ever. That means everyone you know likely claims they know exactly where the best tacos in town are. They may be right, but I think pretty much all California tacos are equally as great.

It May Be Hot During The Day, But You'll Need A Jacket At Night

Some people think California is all warm weather and sunshine. It's incredibly beautiful, but you can't live off just a summer wardrobe. Even if it's 80 degrees during the day, you'll have to layer up at night when the temperature drops.

Going On A Hike Is An Awesome Date Activity

I never knew how much people loved hiking until I moved to California. Hiking is an awesome go-to first date option, and I mean, what's better than getting to know someone in the great outdoors, with a side of #views?