If You Haven't Done These 8 Things With Your Sis In The Summer, You Need A Redo

Summer has so much more meaning when you're sipping on a lemonade and getting sun-kissed at the beach with your sis. Even when you two were kids, summers were marked by your carefree and spontaneous attitudes. The two of you are unstoppable together — and when you factor in such a glorious season like summer, good times are inevitable. You could write a book on all of the things to do with your sister in the summer, because the list could go on forever.

Instead of worrying about who to make plans with, you can always count on her to be your designated plus one. Besides, the two of you have grown up together — and by now, you know all of the things that'll amplify your moods. Having a sister is like having a little battery in human form that will get you super hyped up when the time is right.

In the summer, it's hard to contain those feelings of wanting to get into absolutely everything. Luckily, she has never and won't ever hold you back. There's still time to get your ideas and plans together for another dope summer with your sis — but if you haven't done a select few things yet, you are going to want to jot these down.

Roller Skating Along The Boardwalk

Roller skating with those adorable tube socks is not only 'Gram-worthy, but it's also so much fun. Hitting up the boardwalk in the summertime with your partner in crime never fails — especially when you stop for ice cream along the way. Oh, and let's also not forget the fanny pack opportunities. Your whole get-up is going to be so, so trendy.

Sleeping Under The Stars

Summer nights make for the best time to do some stargazing. You hardly ever need a jacket, and for some reason the stars seem extra bright and sparkly. Deep talks are almost guaranteed, and time seriously evades you. The whole idea is so simple — but it'll make for unforgettable bonding time with your sis.

Watching Movies With A Summer Love Plot

Grease or Dirty Dancing are definitely fan faves if you wanna to talk about love that started in the warmer months. Movies like that are filled with so much life — and if you two are single, it gives you a little extra push to take a chance on a summer fling.

Going To A Music Festival

Music festival season not only opens the door to epic times seeing your favorite artists, but the outfits are too cool for words. Going to a music festival with your sister will make it that much more memorable. From swapping clothes and dancing the day away to your favorite songs, summer will have found its true purpose.

Taking A Night Swim

Admittedly, those night swims when you were growing up might not have always been in your own pool — but it was worth the risk. Now, you're old enough to head to a lake or stay in an all-inclusive resort that doesn't have pool hour restrictions. Either way, night swims bring back all of those carefree vibes about summer.

Going Bathing Suit Shopping

As much as you two are instantly ready for the summer months, your wardrobe might not be as prepared. You might have waited until the last minute to get swimsuits. No worries, because modeling a select few styles in the dressing room is what you two live for.

Eating A LOT Of Ice Cream

You can't remember the last time you had only one scoop of ice cream during the summer. That scoop of chocolate would be incomplete without a scoop of strawberry right on top. Oh, and you can't forget the sprinkles. Sharing ice cream with your sis has never been a dull moment.

Laying Out On The Beach For The Entire Day

Lazy beach days meet an all-time high if you can turn over to see your sis laying out on the towel next to you. You have someone to help you put your sunscreen on and take the occasional dip in the ocean when things get super heated. Those synchronized nap times will remind you of being a kid again.

Summer is going to come and go, but your sis is forever. Soaking up those beautiful rays of sunshine throughout the summer, will be so worth it.