7 Things Sisters Who Are Best Friends Do To Stay Close Now & Forever

by Tessa Harvey

You and your sis are literally homies for life. Let's be real here — she completes you, and you wouldn't want anyone else by your side through the ups and downs of life. It may have taken some time for your relationship to be what it is today, but you got there. Sometimes the two of you still fight, but for the most part, you've got this adulting thing down pat. But being mature isn't all it takes to keep you and your sis best friends for life — there are quite a lot more things sisters do to stay close now and forever.

As easy as it looks from the outside, you probably know from experience that it takes work for you and your sister to stay as close as you are. It's the best relationship in your life for a reason, and it's because it takes effort on both ends. The two of you make it look easy, but the truth is that it's so much easier to bicker than it is to be friends — but being friends is what makes it worth it.

So if you're BFFs with your sis, you appreciate truth: All sister duos know these seven things keep you two together when other things are pulling you apart. After all, even maintaining a friendship with your sis takes time.

Go On Spontaneous AF Trips

There's nothing as great for bonding quite so much like a good road trip. Seriously, you can't replace hours trapped in a small space together. You scream-sing your favorite childhood songs, take turns sleeping and driving, and then you have the best time wherever you end up. Sisters were made for spontaneous road trips.

Call To Say Hi And End Up Talking For Two Hours

My sister and I have done this countless times, and we've barely lived in different cities. There's no one you can talk to who is quite like her — you've spent your whole lives together, but somehow, you still haven't run out of things to talk about. How does that even happen? Two minutes can turn into two hours before you know it.

Pre-Approve Each Other's Instagrams

This is how it goes every time. You take a picture, then stare at said picture until you're not sure you want to post it. You send it to your main girl and she gasses you up. When you finally post it, within seconds, she's the first one commenting, hyping you up like she didn't see it just three minutes before. You gotta love her.

Keep Her Up To Date On All Things

Seriously, if you don't tell you sister about it, did it even happen? She's your hype woman as well as your reality check. You know you can debrief anything that happens to you with her, and that she expects you to. Of course, you both love the dramatic stories — but even her telling you about her dog keeps you entertained. It's the little things that really count.

Send Each Other The Most Hilarious Snapchats

Your sister saw you during puberty, for goodness sake. She doesn't care if you look ridiculous in your snaps to her — but you better keep your streak going. Plus, you can try out all of the new filters on her and she won't get annoyed.

Approve Any And All Outfit Choices

Does this outfit work for that spring wedding I'm going to in two months? How about my date next week? The movies? Your sister is there to answer any and all questions. She's also there to steal said outfit at any point in time. It's the way it works. Don't question the system.

Reminisce And Get Super Nostalgic For Hours On End

The best part about your sister is that she's your best friend, but that she's also the one who grew up with you. Your memories complete and complement one another, so that makes for some really good stories — from different perspectives. You always know you're in for some side-splitting laughter when you hang with her, and you wouldn't have it any other way.