8 Things Every Procrastinator Can Seriously Relate To Throughout Their 20s

by Tessa Harvey

In your 20s, it seems as though everyone's telling you to slow down and truly enjoy these 10 years. After all, at what point in life will we be this carefree, unattached, and spontaneous again? Responsibilities will inevitably tie us in place, including family commitments and pursuing your career. But as for right now, the world is your oyster. I don't know about you, but as exciting as that sounds to me, it also seems like a whole lot of pressure. That's when the procrastination begins to set in. If you're in the same boat as me, there are a whole lot of things procrastinators do throughout their 20s that are relatable AF.

Procrastinating is such an easy road to go down that some of us take it everyone now and then. If you're one who takes it quite often, you know all too well that there are a few things you're probably going to keep doing the rest of your 20s (even if you swear in the moment that you'll never do them again). Needless to say, if you're chilling in procrastination station at this very moment, these eight struggles will speak to you on another level and have you saying, "Same."

Avoiding Doing The Dishes 'Til The Very End

Anyone who loves cooking but hates cleaning can understand this one. What fun is cooking yourself an awesome meal if you have to spend 20 to 30 minutes picking up all of the dishes after the fact? Totally not cool.

Sometimes, it's just easier to set them in the sink and tell yourself you'll wake up early and do them in the morning. Yeah, right.

Getting Hella Creative With Living Arrangements

You might be embracing new jobs, new friends, and lots of new places throughout your 20s. Of course, with new places comes a lot of moving. It gets to the point where if you're not sure how long you're staying, a comfy bean bag chair and inflatable couch get the job done just fine. Now there's no need for dishing out extra cash on a moving truck! You may tell yourself you'll buy proper furniture eventually... but will you?

Pretending Sunday Is Actually Saturday, Until It's Too Late

Do the Sunday scaries ring a bell? Procrastinators in their 20s know that there's nothing quite like pretending Sunday is still Saturday... at least, until it's suddenly 7 p.m. and you have to run around your place to get everything organized for the upcoming week. Oops.

Can't the weekend just last a little bit longer?! SOS.

Laying In Bed For As Long As You Possibly Can Before A Night Out

If this isn't me and all of my friends, I don't know what is. Making plans always sounds good. It actually sounds great — at least, when you're making the plans.

When the time comes to get ready, you refuse to motivate yourself to leave your warm, cozy bed. You promise you just need five more minutes, until suddenly, you've got less than an half hour to get ready.

Saying You'll Stop Hitting The Snooze Button On Your Alarm

I won't ask you to call yourself out — but you know you might've made this New Year's resolution. Refusing to use the snooze button sounds all well and good in theory — but then it's six 6 a.m. on Monday, and you just really need those extra minutes of sleep. Helloooo, snooze button. You'll start tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

Buying Your Coffee And Telling Yourself You'll Make Your Own Eventually

What is it about coffee made anywhere else beside your own home that sounds so enticing? No matter how much you convince yourself it'd be cheaper to invest in a coffee maker for your own place and just DIY your go-to iced coffee, you resort to procrastinating. Someday, you'll get that coffee maker and save your wallet. Someday.

Not Checking Your Agenda, Because If You Ignore It, It's Not Really Happening

This is a habit I started freshman year of college — and I just can't quit it.

You know that feeling of panic you get, knowing there are due dates and to-do lists piling up in your agenda? Yeah, sometimes it's easier to just pretend it doesn't exist. It makes absolutely no sense, but I still do it. Someone please tell me this habit will stop in my 30s.

Pretending You Didn't Just Hear That Awful Sound From Your Car

In my opinion, this is the ultimate adult procrastination move. You're driving to work, when you hear an awful, gut-wrenching sound momentarily coming from your car. Then it goes away.

Someone else might look into this and avoid the problem getting worse, but no, not you. You breathe a sigh of relief and pretend it didn't happen. Everything's OK, right? Right?!