8 Things "Best Friends Forever" Will Never, Ever Get Tired Of Doing Together

We get tired of our jobs and other responsibilities, but we'll never be exhausted from spending time with our best friends. When you have a BFF, you don't question what good deed you did to deserve them, you just enjoy their presence. The things best friends do together aren't always planned, and it's hard to not cherish how those random things have simply become the uniquely routine backbone of your friendship.

As much as we want to control those other free-falling portions of our life, our best friends will never be in that category. In fact, the lack of control we have over how prosperous a friendship has grown and remains is something we never want to be constricted of. Yes, the feels are that deep when it comes to our BFF.

The feeling you get when you spend time doing everything or nothing at all is simply addicting, and you can never quite put your finger on why the two of you mesh so well together. It seems as though we all need that one person who doesn't have a dull bone in their body and is shotgun to our ride through life. Because our BFFs are so incredibly amazing, we'll never get tired of doing countless things with them. Here are eight things best friends forever do together that'll never go out of style.

Having Impromptu Movie Nights

Netflix and chill can't get anymore relaxing than if you're doing it with your best friend. Even if you two have completely different tastes in movies or shows, there's a reasonable compromise to get a little bit of what you both like in the rotation. Why can't all people be this compliant and easygoing?

Coffee Dates, Just Because

Coffee anytime of the day is worth it if you're sipping with your other half. Not that the two of you need much help with energy when you're together, but visiting different coffee shops is always fun. So, whether you're the Pumpkin Spice Latte to her Caramel Frappucino, or the marble cake to her chocolate chip scone, you'll never get tired of those super trendy coffee dates.

Day Drinking During Sunday Brunch

Mimosas on Sunday is probably written in some ancient scripture somewhere, because it simply makes the world go round and starts off our week (for those of us who are 21 and up). Sunday brunch with your BFF doesn't make Monday seem so intimidating. It may be the first day of the week, but for you, it marks seven days until you get to get boozy with your favorite person once again.

Window Shopping

Hey, you've got your BFF, so shopping for things that you can't necessarily attain at the moment is totally fine. You're content with the physical thing you already have. Window shopping never gets old, nor do the stories you two create about what exactly you'd be doing in that outfit, or what you need it for.

Long Walks To Anywhere

Regardless of the conditions outside, you are always down for a long scenic walk with your best friend. Raining? You've got the perfect pair of rain boots and a big enough umbrella to fit the two of you. It's really a lot like the friendship you share — you two can weather any storm together.

Talking About The Past

The events of the past make us who we are. Whether you met your BFF in grade school or a little later down the line, you never get tired of discussing the building blocks of what makes you, you. Yes, this includes that time you thought you could avoid paying for a hair cut and trim your own bangs with much faith in YouTube tutorials.

Checking Off Destinations On Your Travel Bucket List

Best friends make the most amazing travel buddies, because you can wholeheartedly be yourself as you explore places you've never been before. Your chemistry is already dope, so you don't have to worry about any petty arguments. Your BFF is just as adventurous as you, and in this case, the more high energy, the better.

Getting Manicures And Pedicures

You and your BFF are the queens of slaying a spa day. It's downright relaxing and makes you feel extra glamorous. If we could get manicures and pedicures every week we would, but we'll take the times that we can, as long as she's right there sharing the perks with us.

Your best friend forever makes time seem like it's unfairly passing too fast. Every minute, second, or day with them is a time we never want to say goodbye to.