8 Spontaneous Tattoos To Get On New Year's Eve With Your Friends

by Tessa Harvey

Can you believe it's almost the New Year? I, for one, can't. The year 2017 — for good or bad — definitely flew by (but doesn't every year?). Whether you loved it all or found this to be the worst year ever, there's no stopping you from ending the year with a bang. Right now is the time to make some killer New Year's Eve plans, and if you're out of ideas, it might just be the time to end the year on a good note with some spontaneous tattoos to get on New Year's Eve.

Afraid you're going to chicken out? With your group of friends around you, there's no way. It's time to solidify that bond you guys have and take a leap into the new year. Whether you like bold tattoos or you're looking for something small, this new tattoo can set the tone for your new year.

So what are you waiting for? Time to let your besties know that if the night takes you there, it jut might be time for you all to grab those tattoos you've been joking about. Out of ideas? These eight BFF tats are impossibly perfect –it'll be hard to pick just one.

A Reminder That Life's Good
kitchenability on Twitter

Sometimes, after a rough year, it's hard to remember where the good is. These tattoos of the chemical makeup up serotonin are pretty cute and functional. Through thick and thin, you all have you friendship, and if that isn't something to celebrate, I'm not sure what is. Cheers to making it through.

Something That Perfectly Describes Your Friendship
kaitlyn_tayluur on Twitter

This matching set is hilarious and sweet. While one friend has received "you keep me wild" the other has gotten "you keep me safe." Whether you're the mom friend or the one who keeps the party going, you know your better half does just that: makes you better. If this isn't quite you and your friend, you can always mix it up. The sentiment remains the same.

These Gorgeous Matching Moons
khudson1216 on Twitter

How beautiful are these matching detailed moons? Sure, you might need to set up a larger chunk of your night for these (or even drop the spontaneous part and make an appointment), but it's worth it for the bond you'll share forever. Even better? You have someone's hand to hold throughout all the hard parts – during the tattoo and in life.

The Best Pinky Swear You'll Ever Make
misss_sunshine1 on Twitter

If pinky promises have always been your thing, you'll love these flowery doodles. They're small enough to be a part of your daily routine, but serve as a good reminder that your person has your back at all times, and that's a pinky promise.

Because You're Both A Little Weird
msmetalrock on Twitter

What's wrong with being a little weird? All the best people are, and your group of friends know that. This tattoo is the perfect spontaneous adventure, out of this world and all. The only thing that's far out about this friendship reminder is how great your support system is. And choose wisely, because this means having a cute alien with you forever.

A Symbol Of Your Favorite Books
witchcityink on Twitter

"I solemnly swear, I am up to no good." Maybe you and your BFF both grew up obsessing over Harry Potter. Or maybe, for you, it was Nancy Drew. Either way, find the perfect symbol from your favorite series and make it yours. It's special, it's heartfelt, and only the two of you know truly what it means.

Because You Truly Complement Each Other
allisunranae on Twitter

This is like the OG of friendship tattoos, and it's for good reason. The sun and the moon are the ultimate #friendshipgoals, so of course it's the go-to matching tattoo. There are countless variations of suns and moons you can do, so do some research and make them your own.

Really, Your BFF and Wine Is All You Need
mickeyylalaaa on Twitter

BBFs and wine go together like pie and ice cream. It's just meant to be. Solidify the true meaning of friendship forever with some cute little matching wine glasses. Friends who wine together stay together, right?