8 Legit Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything & Go Winery Hopping With Your Sis

You know how excited you would get as a kid when you found out you were going to an amusement park? That same feeling is almost doubled when you're 21 and up, and decide to go to a winery with your favorite partner in crime. A winery might not have rollercoasters, but your tastebuds are surely taken for an exciting ride every time you tip your glass. You could instantly think of reasons to visit a winery with your sis, because she's seriously the best travel partner of all time.

A winery might seem simple, but it sure does manage to get those wanderlust senses tingling. Sure, it's not a tropical jungle you need a passport to get to — but it's an adventure. From rosé to merlot, you and your sister BFF will have no problem exploring the views and the tastes associated with visiting a winery. Plus, you'll snap some pretty classy selfies among the vines.

Your sis is your raise a toast partner for real. Luckily, you'll have more than one option to explore with your favorite lady by your side. Not that you need much convincing, but there are many reasons your sis should be sipping with you during those winery adventures.

Her Wanderlust Matches Yours

Whether it's down the street, around the corner, or requires taking a flight, the need for adventure is always there with you and your sis. Even if the wineries you're hitting up aren't very far, exploring new turf and sipping fine wine wine is an added bonus. Wanderlust and wine go hand-in-hand.

You Might Have Different Wine Preferences

Having different wine preferences is actually a plus once you hit up some wineries. You can dabble in a few wines that she likes and get a better understanding from her about what makes them good. I mean, how boring would it be if someone simply liked all of the exact same things as you?

You'll Snap The Cutest Sundress Pictures Of All Time

Sundresses at the winery are what ladies live for. There's really nothing like slipping into a pair of sandals or cute cowgirl boots and pairing it with your favorite floral dress. You and your sis might even be able to swap dresses for the trip. Either way, you two are totally Instagram-worthy, and the grape vines await.

You Couldn't Imagine A Better Time For Girl Talk

Think back to all of those times when you and your sis were able to just sit down and talk. A good portion of those times probably involved a nice glass of wine.

Sitting back on the deck of a winery or exploring the vineyards will give you and your sis the most pristine platform to engage in your much-needed girl talk sessions. A cheese board to accompany couldn't hurt, either.

You Can Both Discover A New Favorite Wine Together

Every time you discover a new wine you think is totally stellar, you're scurrying off to the store and insisting that you bring it to the next outing you and your sis have. At the winery, you two can discover new favorites together. You won't mind splitting the credit when you introduce the new delicious wine to your shared friends.

You Make The Simplest Things So Much Fun When You're Together

Visiting a winery might seem simple, but when you're taking a mini trip with your sister, it's a totally different ball game. You're soaking up everything — including the wine — all while making the most out of your new adventure. Having fun with her is amazing, and there's really nothing simple about that.

Your Boozy Brunch Sundays Deserve The Occasional Upgrade

A boozy brunch Sunday is the surefire way to get together and mentally prepare for the week. They're therapeutic AF. Enhancing the itinerary every now and then with a winery revamp will be so much fun with your sister. Seriously, brunch outside with an endless amount of tastings and pairings? Monday better bring its A-game, because you'll be ready.

You Both Deserve A Break From Adulting

Of course, exploring a winery is that form of adulting you really look forward to. Paying the bills, laundry, and cleaning the apartment can wait for a bit. You and your sis have mastered the art of unplugging from adult responsibilities and buckling up for those little adult luxuries.

Spending the day or weekend with your sis at a few wineries will never disappoint — because she's always completes the perfect pour. Sip away with your other half, and don't look back.