8 Rachel & Monica Moments From 'Friends' That Will Make You Love Your BFF Even More

Whoever titled the show Friends should really get an award. To this day I have yet to see a more accurate representation of adult friendship than on this appropriately named show. Some of the Rachel and Monica moments from Friends are the epitome of friendship, and watching them always reminds me just how much I love my bestie and all she does for me.

Even though my BFF and I may have some differences, she adds so much to my life that I am so grateful for. When I am crazy, she is calm and steady. When I am in a routine, she adds something unexpected to my life. She's basically the yin to my yang, or the Rachel to my Monica.

We've most definitely experienced some of the exact moments Monica and Rachel have shared throughout the years. Watching them play out on TV is like reliving a moment of my life, which makes the show and the friendship between Monica and Rachel that much more relatable. Nearly every episode reminds me of a time with my bestie, which means each episode is a road trip straight down memory lane. If you're ready to get nostalgic about the times you've shared with your BFF, read on. Monica and Rachel are true #FriendshipGoals.

The One When Monica Gave Rachel Eyedrops
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In season five, I learned that Rachel and I share a phobia: eye drops. The entire idea of putting something into my eyeball gives me all sorts of uncomfortable feelings. Luckily for Rachel, her bestie was there to help out, even if that meant pinning her down.

The One When Monica Welcomes Rachel To The Real World

From the very beginning, these two have been there to support and help each other. True, they had some history, but when Rachel needed a friend, Monica was there to be one. Remind you of someone you know?

The One When They Prank Called Ross
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Prank calls are a classic. Besides, what besties don't cause some harmless trouble sometimes? On the fourth episode of season six, Rachel and Monica decide to call out Ross for the fake British accent he was using when he taught his classes.

The One When They Tell Chandler How To Please A Woman
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When you've got to teach a guy how to go down on a lady, your BFF is clearly your first choice for a teacher's assistant. Rachel and Monica gave Chandler some useful inside info about a woman's erogenous zones (most of which he didn't know about). If you haven't watched this episode, please enlighten yourself ASAP.

The One With The Wedding Dresses

We've got to include Phoebe in here, but this definitely isn't something that would happen with just any friend. Only your best friend would willingly rent a wedding dress with you just so you can lounge around in the most expensive thing you might ever wear. At least you'll have a preview for the big day when it does come around.

The One When They Get Sweet Revenge

Episode eight of season five was all about revenge. Monica wanted to get back at Chandler for making fun of her weight at Thanksgiving the previous year, and Rachel was waiting on deck to help her friend get revenge. That's a best friend's job, after all.

The One With The Apartment Bet
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Two dudes, even if they're friends, are no match for a team of BFFs like Rachel and Monica. When the girls' apartment is up for grabs, Monica gets competitive and Rachel joins in for a quick game against the guys. Only a bestie would be by your side when you do something crazy, like betting your entire apartment.

The One With Emma

At the end of season eight, Rachel's baby girl goes unnamed until Monica mentions how she's always wanted to name her future daughter Emma. Rachel immediately knows it's the perfect name for her baby. Luckily, Monica loves her BFF enough to let her have the name. Best friends truly give the best gifts.