You Haven't Been 'Gramming Right Until You've Snapped These 8 Neon Signs In NYC

by Ciara Johnson

The 'N' in New York stands for neon signs, or at least I'd like to think so. These illuminated graphics light up the night in The City That Never Sleeps. Some of these signs simply say "open," while other signs tell a story about an establishment. These glowing signs are nostalgic, and they make us want to snap a photo for Instagram in a heartbeat. After all, what millennial can resist Instagramming a photo of bright neon pink signage? The places in NYC with neon lights are sure to brighten up your feed.

Many say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a neon sign must be worth much more. They've been around for years, so I'm excited to see these bright signs trending in 2018. They can be found restaurants, bars, shops, and even dessert shops. When it comes to neon signs, it certainly doesn't hurt that the 'Gram exists. They serve as the perfect Instagram backdrop as you sip cocktails at your favorite bar, eat tacos at that trendy food truck park, or enjoy ice cream with your besties. You'll have no problem capturing your next best food shot or profile photo with these bright AF neon signs in the background.

Baker's Pizza
Barstool Sports on YouTube

Baker's pizza combines two of our favorite things: neon signs and pizza. The restaurant's neon pink sign is a slice of pizza that's dripping cheese and it's sure to catch your attention. Head to this East Village pizzeria for a casual slice of pizza, or three. Try some of their unique toppings like spicy Hawaiian or eggplant pesto.

Do, Cookie Dough Confections
bshermcincy on Twitter

Do, Cookie Dough Confections is a NYC bakery that sells edible cookie dough. Sounds like a dream, right? Their pink neon "Dreams Dough Come True" basically describes how we feel about their delicious cookie dough creations. From cake batter flavor to peanut butter snickerdoodle, you'll finally have the opportunity eat all of the cookie dough that you want.

Dirty French
ludlowhotelnyc on Twitter

The hot pink neon sign at Dirty French was practically made for Instagram. You'll definitely want to snap a photo before you step inside of the Lower East Side bistro for classic French dishes with a modern twist.

The Garrett East

The Garrett East has all of the good vibes and cocktails you're likely looking for after a long day at work. The slogan, "No Bad Days," is displayed on a hot pink neon sign, and it's safe to say I'm obsessed.

El Luchador
VictorGaxiola on Twitter

I don't think you should ever have to choose between these two amazing food options, but El Luchador has a cute neon sign that says, "Tacos vs. Burritos." This funky food truck sells a variety of mouthwatering Mexican fare straight from their renovated airstream.

Two Hands Restaurant And Bar
Eater on YouTube

Two Hands in Tribeca spotlights women empowerment with their bright pink neon sign that says, "Ladies." This health-focused cafe serves up smoothie bowls and yummy avocado toast. After you grab your foodie shot for Instagram, head to the bathroom to get a picture of their famous neon sign to brighten up your feed.

Carma East
guttergourmet on Twitter

"Let The Lights Dim Sum" is a classic Drake quote and a neon sign at Carma East. This lively NYC restaurant serves a variety of Chinese favorites like dim sum and other Asian tapas. After your first experience at Carma East, you'll definitely be back for more.

Sweets By CHLOE
Alicia Brayboy on YouTube

This Instagram-famous eatery is no stranger to dreamy aesthetics. Their Sweets by CHLOE store sells a variety of vegan baked goods. Take a photo of their neon sign, which says, "You batter believe it," as you're waiting in line for your vegan birthday cakes or cinnamon rolls.

Are you ready to book a flight to the city of lights? Next time you find yourself in New York, check out these places for good vibes and a great Instagram picture.