8 Pet-Friendly Restaurants In NYC, Because Your Fur Baby Deserves A Treat

One of the hardest things in your morning routine, other than remembering to grab your wallet while also trying not to be late because you can't find your other shoe, is saying goodbye to your pup. Their little eyes staring up at you, with a little wag of their tail, and you can just tell that they're hoping to go with you. You have to pat their head and be on your way, otherwise you'll never be on time. But you don't always have to leave your dog at home. There are tons of places to take your pup when you're not heading to work, and one place you may not always think of is a restaurant. There are a good amount of pet-friendly restaurants in NYC, and you're bound to find one you and your fur baby both adore.

Again, seeing that tiny face as you shut your door is extremely difficult, so why do it more than you have to? Walks are great and so are dog parks, but restaurants and other shops that allow you and your pet are amazing because then you both get to enjoy a fun plan outside of the house. These places will not only give you more quality time with your doggo, but they'll feed your hungry belly as well.

rachelking on Twitter

Located in the East Village, this cute little bar is one of the most perfect places to welcome you and your furry friend. A lot of comments on various review sites specifically call out the amazing dog-friendly culture of this place, and rated it with five bones.

According to the comments, some bartenders are known to even have treats, and dogs are allowed inside as well as on the patio (when weather permits). With a huge selection of beer, you really can't go wrong spending an afternoon here.

Barking Dog Luncheonette
andreawongrios on Twitter

This Upper East Side spot is dog heaven. Equipped with dog treats and a special dog water fountain, your canine will feel at home while you dig into some pancakes. A great pick for Sunday Brunch, your doggy will certainly make friends because it is just so well-known for being a welcome place to pups.

Boat Basin Cafe
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Definitely a place to try when it gets a little warmer outside, Boat Basin is the perfect spot to not only get some fresh air, but also to bring your pet. It's an open-air venue, so it doesn't open until late March. Put it on your dog-bucket list anyway, because not only does the food look yummy, the dogs here look happy as hell.

The Bean
carodewaal on Twitter

With great coffee and a pups-allowed policy, you can't go wrong with The Bean. There are multiple locations across New York, but the spot on 2nd Ave. in the East Village is definitely a welcoming place for your dog.

Habana Outpost
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Many reviewers rave about this Brooklyn restaurant for its accommodation and care for your dog. This spot, like many on this list, will provide water for your pooch and allow you to have a great time with them. And the cuisine it serves looks to die for! Unfortunately, much like with Boat Basin, this gem doesn't open up until when the weather is warmer, but it looks worth the wait.

Bistro Chat Noir
jershadi on Twitter

This cozy French cafe will gladly host you and your dog, so no worries there. It's located on the Upper East Side and offers a great menu of many delectable offerings for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

4leafclovergirl on Twitter

Authentic Italian cuisine with a great puppy-atmosphere? Yes, this place has both of those. A review on even mentions that if you order food for your dog, and tell them who it's for, you'll get it in a doggy bowl (along with water). It's definitely a more elegant place for you and your pup, so make sure they wear something super dapper.

Bistro Les Amis
goldenchaos on Twitter

This charming French bistro is a great pick for you and your fur baby. There's enough dog-friendly seating to go around which adds to the already great ambience of this place. Dig in, for sure!