8 People Shared The Most Romantic Part Of Their Wedding, & I'm Emotional

Wedding season is upon us. Did you just audibly sigh? Listen, I get it, it's so easy to be cynical about weddings since they frequently come with a hefty price tag and plenty of potential for family and friend drama. That can make it easy to lose sight of the fact that, at their core, weddings are about two people who love one another committing to share their lives — through all the good and bad. That's awesome. They're also pretty romantic, so when people shared the most romantic part of their wedding on Reddit, I'm not gonna lie, it made me get a little emotional.

There's just something about these firsthand accounts of the quiet, private moments that really mattered to people on their wedding days that makes you want to forget all about the wedding industrial complex trying to up-sell you on wedding favors and embossed saved the date cards. The place-setting strife and bridesmaid fighting just melts away. I'm joking, obviously — that stuff is still a bummer, but it's a great reminder of why all the hard work of putting together this big event is worth it. It’s all about the love, people!

Hey, when did I get so sentimental? Probably about halfway through reading these stories. Grab a tissue.

When the groom paused the dance for a perfect reason.
During our first dance he stopped dancing, just stopped; I was so confused. Finally after what seemed like minutes (most likely ten seconds) he pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "I just want to remember you in this moment forever."


Their revealing first night together after the ceremony.
After we left the reception and went home to change clothes. I had to help her out of her wedding dress. She had these buttons down the back of the dress, like a thousand of them. I got to unbutton each one and the show was great, since I had never seen her fully unclothed before. That was back in the old days, when you didn't sleep together for a few years before you got married. Like 51 years ago.


When everything else just disappeared.
Walking down the aisle, and suddenly being able to only see him, and his face had a huge, stupid grin on it, just like mine did. I still can't tell you who was sitting by the aisle as I walked up it, it was all a blur except for him.


When the groom cried tears of joy.
Seeing my normally reserved, near Spock-like (future) husband start to cry as I walked down the aisle. He had tears throughout the entire ceremony. After we were pronounced man and wife and walked down the aisle, we got a few moments alone to ourselves before we had to go meet everyone. He burst into tears and held me for a long time. It was the best moment of my life.


The moment their happily ever after began.
When the hotel door closed behind us. We sat together and cried about the beautiful day we had, how happy we were, how much we loved each other and all of the people who came together to support us.
The room was filled with presents and champagne from his family and those couple of hours (before sex obviously) where we sipped champagne and held hands and talked and cried were just perfect.


The first time he set eyes on his bride.
I'm not very traditional but when she suggested we did a "first look", I refused outright. I couldn't really put into words why I didn't want to see her before she walked down the aisle, but I knew it felt like the right call.
The bridesmaids were all walking down the aisle and I knew my fiancée was about to walk out from the side of the house. Then I could see a hint of her dress through the lattice that we put up under the balcony and it felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest. I couldn't hear the music over the driving pulse of my own heartbeat until she stepped out and it skipped a beat.
I watched with tears in my eyes as the most beautiful woman in the world walked down a grass pathway between all of the people who love us and she stared right back the whole way, somehow not stumbling in her heels.


A moment right out of the movies.
There was this moment after we said "I do" and walked down the aisle with flower petals raining down on us, where the world and the music faded away and it was just us. Him and me.
"We're married!" He whispered.
"I know!" I replied.
And he scooped me up in his arms and spun me around just like the movies, with my train of my wedding dress flying in the wind.
That moment was pure happiness.


A “wonderful” way to start their married life.
The whole day is kind of a blur, the stand out memory for me was at the reception. My new husband asked me to dance and quietly sang the song "Wonderful Tonight" in my ear. I was finally able to just take a breath, relax and enjoy the amazing man I married.


Stop, I'm crying! OK, maybe wedding season is actually pretty great, especially if it means you’ll get to be a witness to beautiful moments like these.