8 Micro Tattoos To Get With Your Best Friend, Because She's Your Number One

by Tessa Harvey

You've known your best friend for what seems like eternity. You've been there for each other through heartbreaking breakups, and exciting promotions in your careers. You've seen each other's literal ups and downs. You've fought, you've disagreed, and you came out on the other end still forever strong. In my opinion, that deserves some celebration. Sure, you could go out to dinner or marathon your favorite Netflix series with a bottle of rosé, but you probably do those types of plans on the regular (At least, I know my best friend and I do.) Instead, consider hitting up a tattoo shop, and gain some inspiration from these cool micro tattoos to get with your best friend.

Micro tattoos are the trend sweeping all of my social media timelines, and I'm so here for it. I've always loved tattoos, but there's a special place in my heart for particularly tiny, simplified pieces of artwork. What's more, they tend to make pretty much the perfect best friend tattoos.

These subtle tattoos aren't big in size, but they come with so much meaning. You can also place a micro tat just about anywhere on your body. The possibilities for designs are pretty much endless; you can get whatever speaks to your friendship the best. However, I'm partial to these eight micro tats, and you just might be as well.

The Tattoo May Be Small, But It Comes With A Whole Lot Of Meaning
akiraphotos on Twitter

Your friendship is beautiful, dynamic, and filled with so much love, but your tattoo doesn't need to match it in size to convey that. This little heart is the perfect reminder that your bestie's got your back, and you've got hers, no matter where you're at in life. I also like the idea of having it on your wrist as a sweet reminder every time you look at it.

Forget-Me-Nots For Your Person
rachainsworthuk on Twitter

When you think of micro tattoos, this might be a little on the bigger side, but it's too beautiful to not include on this list. The thin line design is only made better in black ink. They're forget-me-nots, which make for the perfect friendship flower, don't you think? There's no way BFFs like the two of you will forget each other.

Something With Meaning To The Two Of You
denniswesttower on Twitter

When you're looking at getting a micro tattoo, the best suggestion I have is to first brainstorm words, phrases, and symbols that have played important roles in your friendship. Maybe you met at the bus stop at school — a little stop sign might be the perfect tat. Opt for something unique to what makes your friendship so solid.

A Tattoo That Symbolizes How Strong Your Bond Is
capturekayla on Twitter

This little tattoo is straight-up perfection in so many ways. I love that in this particular pinky swear design, each friend got to choose whether or not she wanted color in her tattoo. It's also such an amazing reminder that even when you feel alone, your BFF has your back.

For The Best Friends Aligned By The Stars
suzannepushten on Twitter

It took a lot of coincidence for you and your bestie to meet and become the best of friends — almost like it was always meant to be. If she's your best friend for life and you know it, these constellation sign tattoos are a really great option.

She's Your Eternal Compass
glamorousd_xo on Twitter

I love the idea of an arrow tattoo. Your bestie has watched and advised you through dozens of situations, just like you have for her. It only makes sense that you're each other's source for direction and guidance. This arrow tattoo is a reminder that she'll never guide you in the wrong direction, because she has your best interests at hand.

Even In The Dark, You've Got Each Other's Backs
giandoesthings on Twitter

Sometimes, life can get downright confusing. Luckily, when you've got your BFF around, she's also down to offer some advice, or at least she's there to be a comforting shoulder to cry on. There's no complete darkness when she's around. Just like the moon, your friendship is a light when the night seems never-ending.

Cheers To The Best Day Of The Year
cullendaniella on Twitter

Last but not least, if you and the bestie are the sentimental types, this might be the micro tattoo for you. Do you know the day you became friends? How about a big day in your friendship, like the day you both graduated college together? A date can be the perfect small tattoo, and a beautiful reminder of the friend who's stuck with you through it all.