8 Memes To Send Your Long-Distance BFF When You Miss Her

by Tessa Harvey

Your best friend is your confidant, your encourager, your support system, and advice-giver. When she's away, things get hard. Suddenly, you feel just a bit more alone -- a bit more you against the world. Long-distance friendship sucks, especially when you've gotten used to living in the same city. Overnight, you go from being able to watch a TV marathon at her house and watching her pets, to once a week FaceTime calls and check-ins via texts. Your brunch place isn't an option anymore, and going by yourself can just feel downright sad. It's not easy to start feeling back to normal, but there is something that always works, for both of you. If this is you RN, it sounds like you really need some memes to send to your friend who lives far away.

There's something about memes -- even when they're so stupid, you can't help but crack a smile. And any good friend knows friendship duties include making each other feel better. So, next time you're feeling blue (and you can bet she is, too), send her one of these relatable AF memes, 'cause you know the two of you can relate. You'll be feeling closer in no time.

You're Both One In The Same
ilikevina on Twitter

Maybe you can't do this anymore, but you know you've been there. You plan on hanging out and "doing something," but it always just turns into scrolling on your phones, laughing at memories, and taking the same nap you would've taken at home. That's true friendship.

You Both Know You're The Only Ones Who Can Be Honest With One Another; Everyone Else Can Just Shut Up
betchesluvthis on Twitter

She's the only who knows that when you feel like sh*t, people really shouldn't be telling you look like it, too. She's also always the one who lies to you and convinces you that you look great even when you're so deep in your winter cold, that you've forgotten what it's like to breathe out of your nose.

You Both LOL At Hometown Stuff
hercampus on Twitter

For a second, you find yourself looking forward to everything that is going back to your hometown, because truly, there's a lot that you miss. But, OH WAIT. It takes two seconds for your BFF to remind you just how mistaken you are. You'll enjoy home, but boy are you glad you don't live there anymore.

Your Thought Process Is Twin-Like
hercampus on Twitter

Five minutes is like an eternity, OK? Thankfully, she's always the one to talk you back down from doing impulsive things, and distance won't change that. Plus, you can both laugh at ridiculous the two of you can be. Sometimes, distance is good for giving you both clear heads. But other times, you just hype each other up more.

You Have The Same Values
ilikevina on Twitter

You both know nobody's got time to go out and have the time of their life on a Sunday. Sundays are meant for face masks, manis, meal prepping, catching up, a nap or two, and hour-long calls with your long-distance bestie. What would you do without her?

Is Re-Gifting A Thing With Sending Memes, Though?
warnerskenji on Twitter

Don't even get the two of you started on who saw what meme first. You probably both saw it first, but you're still going to fight about who really did for hours. It's all in good fun (as long as she admits you really did see it first).

You Match Whenever You Reunite Without Even Trying
_skywaikers on Twitter

For some reason, both of your minds have become so in sync that your closets resemble each other, even miles and miles away. Naturally, you find out that you're wearing basically the same thing, and it makes you a little happy that even across the country you're thinking the same thing. Long-distance who?

She Truly Is The Only Human That Understands The Real You
hercampus on Twitter

Your BFF understands that under that icy, cold, RBF exterior, you're actually super nice and most likely to give a stranger a hug (sometimes). But she also knows how real it is that you have absolutely no control over that sometimes sassy look that's frozen to your face.