8 Little White Lies Your Dad Told You Growing Up That Are Hilarious Now

We all know lying isn't a good behavior to learn when you're a kid, but as you get older, you realize the tiny, harmless lies your parents may have told you that are seriously golden. Mom and Dad probably twisted the truth about a few little things a few times, and now you see how ridiculously funny they actually were. Needless to say, you can't help but laugh at the little white lies your dad told you when you were a kid.

Your dad may never actually admit that he lied to you, which makes pestering him about those times even funnier. You know in your heart the reasoning behind your dad's white lies usually stemmed from wanting to protect you. Or, let's be real — he needed a little bit of a break from something you kept asking him about. Kids can be incredibly persistent, and you know it. You might even take notes and use the same Jedi mind tricks on your kids someday, because you can feel the exhaustion already. So, if you know your dad told you a fib or two when you were growing up, a few of these white lies will sound all too familiar.

Boys Have Cooties

You will always be your daddy's little girl, and in an attempt to keep you that way a little longer, he told you boys had cooties. I mean, it did work for awhile. Your brother's dirty clothes from playing in the backyard was pretty convincing as well.

He Sees And Knows Everything

Oh, Dad. He would always tell you that he sees all and knows all. This was likely a subtle scare tactic to keep you from doing things you weren't supposed to. Honestly, you still ended up doing them, and that's why you laugh about it today.

The Remote Control Only Works For Him

What is it with dads and their TV time? For ages, your dad convinced you that the remote control was under his jurisdiction and only really worked for him. You might even hesitate grabbing your own remote control at home these days, because he had you totally convinced at one point.

If You Keep Making Faces, It Will Get Stuck Like That

Scrunching your face and sticking out your tongue could never permanently get stuck like that... right? Well, it didn't so far, and you can add this little white lie to the list of things parents told you not to do, because they didn't want you giving them a hard time in public. You still make these silly faces, though.

The Stork Brought You

OK, this white lie is totally acceptable, because you may have been a little too young to comprehend where babies really came from. You learned eventually, and can't really blame Dad for wanting to prolong the whole birds and the bees convo.

Telling You "Maybe Next Year" When You Wanted A Pup For Christmas

Who didn't want a puppy when they were growing up? Your dad probably knew him and your mom would be the ones taking care of and training the new fur baby, so he used this little white lie to alleviate that full-time responsibility. He was tricky, because he kept telling you "maybe next year," all the way until you moved out of the house, could get your own pup, and take care of the fur bae yourself. Nice one, Pops. And hey, maybe he ended up caving after all!

You Can't Date Until You're Married, Which Made Absolutely No Sense At All

This sounds totally bonkers now. How can you get married without ever dating anyone? Oh, Dad; he really means well. Those small attempts to keep you out of the dating pool are super hilarious now.

The Good Ole "I Don't Know, Ask Your Mother" Line

This is a prime example of a white lie your dad would tell you when he either knew Mom would have a better answer, or was exhausted AF. Kids can ask questions from sunrise to sunset, and parents might have the majority of the answers, but not all of them. Let's give major kudos to our parents for being extremely patient with us. Oh, and for tag-teaming our persistence.

At the end of the day, your dad's little white lies were just part of the awesome dad package that make him so freaking funny. Dads, you truly are the real MVPs.