A group of friends celebrate New Year's Eve outside with sparklers and confetti.
8 Last-Minute Things To Do This NYE That Are Easy & Actually Fun


Now that the year is coming to an end, it's time to put all your focus on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, you don't have much time in between all the holiday parties, shopping, cookie swaps, and potentially the biggest party night of the year. You may be scrambling around, trying to figure out some last-minute 2019 New Year's Eve plans. Rather than stressing out trying to pull together a big bash, sit back and think about these fun and easy ideas that are right under your nose.

There's really only one thing required to complete the perfect New Year's Eve: being surrounded by your favorite people. That could be your friend group, partner, or your family. A text and a simple plan of something to do when the clock strikes midnight is all you need to worry about.

If you're blanking on ideas, here are eight plans that are quick and easy to throw together. They're so much fun that your friends won't even notice it took you so little effort to pull everything together. 2019 marks the end of a big decade, and you want to make sure you're saying goodbye in style. Have fun and make way for 2020.

Mix Up Champagne Cocktails For A Bubbly Party

It just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without some champagne for popping. All you need to do is head to the store and grab a couple of bottles with a few extra mix-ins like juice, fresh fruit, and maybe even some edible glitter for the perfect Insta.

Set up a bar in your apartment for your friends to mix together some champagne cocktails (if you're 21 or up, of course). You can even name your concoctions after your favorite memories and inside jokes from this past year.

Have A Romantic Carpet Picnic With Bae

For a romantic NYE, invite bae over for a carpet picnic in your living room. Make sure it's cozy with fuzzy blankets, string lights, and throw pillows. Serve some chocolate-covered strawberries and prosecco for toasting when it turns midnight. Put together a bucket list of plans you want to do together in the new year.

Throw A "Dress Up Like Your Favorite Decade" Gathering

This may be the end of one decade, but you can celebrate all of your favorite decades with a costume gathering. Invite your friends over and tell them to wear something from the decade they love most. It could be a neon dress with puffy sleeves if they're passionate about the '80s, or something boho-chic to rep the '70s. The best part is everyone can use whatever's already in their closet.

Get Your DIY On And Create A Photo Album Of The Decade

If you really just want a chill night at home, make it a DIY kind of NYE. Put together a photo album of the past 10 years, filled with your favorite memories. New Year's Eve is a time to reflect on all that has happened over the past year, but since it's the end of a decade, you have even more to reminisce over.

Plan A Photo Booth Night
Rachel Chapman

If your favorite part of NYE is getting all glammed up, you probably want to show the world your sparkling outfit. Put together a homemade photo booth — or a couple — in your living room. Go all out with props, decor, and cool, glittery backdrops to hang on the walls. It's as easy as that.

Have A Cozy PJ Potluck Night

Invite your closest friends over for a chill PJ potluck. They can all come dressed in their coziest pajamas and slippers. All they have to do is bring their favorite comfort food to share, and maybe a bottle of wine or two. Whether it's mac and cheese, homemade pizza, or a platter of PB&J sandwiches, it'll surely be a night to remember.

Have A "Bring Your Own Tradition" Gathering

Every family may have their own beloved New Year's Eve traditions. Some families might believe certain foods bring good luck in the new year. Other families may like to hand out gilded coins, or light sparklers outside.

Whatever your traditions may be, it's fun to share them with your friends. Host a last-minute party where everyone can bring at least one of their family's favorite NYE traditions to the table.

Get A Jumpstart On Your Resolutions

New Year's Eve is a great time to set resolutions for the new year to be the best one yet. Host a resolutions party where everyone suggests simple resolutions on a piece of paper. They can be things like, "Try something new every week," "Read a new book each month," "Do something positive for someone else when you can," or "Start saving up for a big trip." Put them into a grab bag and see what everyone ends up with.