8 Basic Betch Costume Ideas To Inspire You & Your Girl Crew

You and your girls know the importance of making the most out of any holiday. For Halloween, though, sometimes the best ideas aren't as extravagant as people think they are. Keeping it basic is oftentimes the best route to go. Funny basic betch Halloween costumes are usually last-minute get ups that allow us wiggle room to delegate time to other aspects of our Halloween debauchery.

Who says Halloween has to be all about the flashy bling? Putting together something simple for you and your girls to synchronize will be worth the minimal time you had to spend. Halloween festivities are about dressing up, but they're also about being mobile enough to bust a move no matter where you are. Basic betch costumes have a high success rate of being incredibly easy to put on and move in.

We all know what these basic costumes are, and as much as we sometimes dismiss their simplicity, we secretly love that the idea exists... even if it wasn't from our own brilliance. This year, focus more on the fun and assemble something that puts the ease in your decision making. Your girls will thank you later. There's no basic costume hotline to phone in, but for the most part, these get ups fall into that category.

Anything With Cat Ears
Sam 👑 on Twitter

Cat ears should be awarded for "Best Basic Accessory." You can pair just about anything with cat ears and look like you'd been planning that outfit for weeks. It's simple, and us basic betches are here for it. So, whether you're literally the cat's meow or didn't know what else to put on, you're basic and that's completely fine. Wear your basic proudly, queen.

A Patch Of Adorable Pumpkins
sam pb🍂//TOMORROW on Twitter

Clearly, everything revolves around pumpkins this time of year, so put on your orange and create a cute little pumpkin patch with your friends who are matching perfectly with you. Some call it basic, but you can call it brilliant. Jack Skellington might be the Pumpkin King, but ya'll are about to be the Pumpkin Queens.

Halloween on Twitter

If you have a colorful shirt, striped tube socks, and Converse, you're set with this look. These are the essentials to pulling off an epic M&M costume with your girls. Oh, don't forget the M's, though. You can never go wrong with being chocolate for Halloween. It's sweet, simple, and no one can have just one, so show up and show out.

80s Workout Costume
Shawn on Twitter

Oh, the days when neon was second nature and one pieces were so freaking fashionable. Pull out the leg warmers and side ponytails, because this 80s workout look demands all of that and then some. Talk about being incredibly comfortable. You'll also be in the perfect attire to stay active the entire night, no excuses.

Minnie Mouse
Runway Corvallis on Twitter

Minnie Mouse is probably one of the most basic Disney costumes for girls to be on Halloween. The beneficial part about Minnie is that you can have fun pulling off your own depiction of her. Get the real deal Minnie Mouse ears, or put your hair into buns and call it a day. No one's judging.

Where's Waldo?
Alex Gomez on Twitter

Striped shirt, big glasses, and a red beanie are the simple ingredients to being Waldo. This is another costume option that can be tweaked to your liking. Since it's so basic, it often gives you enough wiggle room to make it your own without straying too far away from the costume's theme.

Starbucks Beverages
Sarah Rose on Twitter

Extra whip? No problem. Starbucks drinks are made to order, so you most definitely have to deliver that caffeinated energy to your coffee beverage costume and whatever festivities you end up going to. After all, a PSL is a gal's best friend, amiright?

Bags Of Wine
tiffany lazur on Twitter

This takes the cake for brilliantly basic. Who's not guilty of taking out the entire bag of wine from its prepackaged box? Not only will everyone know exactly what you are, but you're wine. What's not to love about the lovely liquid we'd take over a tall glass of whatever on any given day?

Taking it back to the basics for Halloween doesn't denote being hype about celebrating. It might take less time getting dressed, but you've got more minutes to slay the night.