8 Best Experience Gifts For Your Boyfriend For Christmas That Don't Need A Big Red Bow

One of the best gifts you could give just about anyone on this Earth is the gift of an experience. While it's not something you necessarily unwrap, it's the gift that keeps on giving with memorable excitement and joy. The best experience gifts for your boyfriend are the ones you don't really have to place under the tree, because you'll actually be out there experiencing them.

You can never forget an experience that was gifted by one of the most endearing people ever. This certainly works in your favor, ladies. Not only will your beau adore the fact that you wrapped their gift around a pastime they're passionate about, but you may even be buckling up for the ride with them. It'll be a gift for you to see the look on their face as they experience what you gave them, and you'll give yourself some extra pats on the back for a job well done.

You'll always be embedded in that experience, even if you aren't right by their side while they're indulging in the fun. Dang, look at you being all selfless! Let your gifts and your mindset be outside the box this year when you're revealing to bae what their present is.

Box Seats To His Favorite Team's Game
Raejhon Johnson on Twitter

Box seats literally give you a different view of any game you attend. There are also other perks when it comes to food and drinks. Depending on what team and venue you're trying to get game tickets for, Stubhub is usually a solid spot to look. Get your cheerful fist pump ready to go.

Rent A Fancy Car For A Day
BeverlyHillsRentACar on Twitter

Gift your boyfriend the experience to drive his favorite sports car for the day. Hey, you get shotgun, so prepare to be super classy with him.

Depending on where you are, renting an exotic car for the day shouldn't be too tough to book. Pull up to your fave restaurant looking fabulous AF. Don't forget to snap some awesome pictures.

A Personal Trainer Package At His Gym

OK, if bae already hits the gym on the regular, why not sign him up to meet with a trainer to help him fulfill his fitness goals? There's nothing wrong with seeking a some extra pointers. So, let him bro out, muscle up, and greet you at home all sweaty and accomplished.

A Romantic Helicopter Ride For Two
Trudy Nagy on Twitter

Take your relationship to new heights (literally) with a helicopter experience. Many of these are scenic journeys through a particular place that's local to where you are. Honestly, anything at that altitude is beautiful and unforgettable... even those "thank you" kisses.

Take Him To Get A Suit Tailored Just For Him

Do men looking amazing when they're rocking suits, or what? Not everyone has the opportunity to get a suit tailored just for them. Even if you don't necessarily have somewhere to wear it to just yet, he'll appreciate the gesture to keep him looking fly and handsome. In my opinion, a nice fitted suit to a man is like the classic black dress to a woman. It's basically mandatory.

A Season Pass To A Theme Park

Got a thrill junky on your hands? Chances are, they'd ride rollercoasters for breakfast if they could. Extinguish the hassle of having to buy tickets every time they want to indulge in their adrenaline junky ways. Theme parks, depending on which one you go to, usually have annual passes so that the fun can be had all year long with ease.

Concert Tickets

The power of music is incredible. There are so many different genres, and we simply live for it. By now, you know his favorite band or group, and know that it'd be complete nostalgia for him if he was able to see them live. Even if it's at a small, intimate venue, music is never bound by the place it is heard, but by the way it's performed.

An Exclusive Brewery Tour

When is comes to finding brewery or winery tours, Groupon is your best friend and confidant. There are always great deals on there for stuff like that. Get it for the two of you, or make it a group thing for him and his friends. Either way, it's an experience he'll be sippin' on long after his glass is empty.

Give your beau the gift of an experience, and he'll surely never forget it. His gratitude will outlast the holiday season for sure.