7 Christmas Gift Ideas To Show Bae You're In Love Without Spending Money

Danil Nevsky

The best time of the year is right around the corner. Christmas is (arguably) the best holiday. Ever. But let's face it: We're all broke college students or young adults trying to live the American dream and we don't have the extra cash to spend on lavish gifts for our SOs.

On the bright side, love don't cost a thing.

There are special and unique ways to show your honey you cherish them this holiday season without going broke. Meaningful gifts speak to the heart more than consumer goods and name brands anyway.

Here are seven Christmas gift ideas to show bae you love them with a personal touch:

1. Make it thoughtful and personal.

Nothing speaks love and affection than a personalized gift.

Get a personalized calendar made if your SO is all about being organized. You can put pictures of the two of you together for each month. Or you can gather a bunch of your pictures and make a scrapbook. There's even websites that can digitally do this for you with just the click of a button.

Let Pinterest be your crafty guide for all things thoughtful and romantic.

2. Take them on an adventure.

In the last few years you've been together, bae has always mentioned they wanted to go to a certain restaurant or wanted to try something they've never done.

Here's your Christmas gift solution: Try something new together that bae can finally cross off their bucket list.

Hikes, waterfalls and stargazing are the perfect gift for the ultimate hopeless romantic. A gift doesn't have to be purchased from a store to be memorable. A memorable gift can actually just be a memorable experience.

3. Go see a Christmas light show on a boat cruise or at the zoo.

Christmas festivities are upon us.

There are several holiday light show events on boat cruises or at the zoo for you to enjoy.

Light shows are always magical and the Christmas spirit that rings in the air of the crowds only adds to that. There's no doubt this will be a romantic and fun evening, especially if you add in some churros and hot chocolate.

If you really want to splurge you can look for discounted tickets to a play your SO is dying to see. Websites like Groupon always have discounted deals.

4. Make a childhood video.

Channel your inner Kanye and make your SO a video full of childhood pictures and memories.

This may take a lot of work but it will cost you nothing but your time. Ask your SO's family and friends to help you sort through pictures and home videos. And don't forget to include pictures of the two of you in there as well.

Your SO will appreciate the amount of time, thought and effort you put into making this for them much more than a material item.

5. Create a treasure chest of their favorite things.

Throw together a basket of their favorite cookies, chocolate or candy. Add in a video game, book or movie they're dying to have, a stuffed animal and wine. Get creative.

You can also get tickets for wine tasting at a vineyard, a sports game or a museum they love. These aren't too expensive and you can find discounted deals online.

For good measure, write a letter of love and appreciation. It's not every day your SO gets to see the lovey-dovey side of you and they'll be warmed by the letter.

6. Design a personalized ornament.

I said it once and I'll say it again: Everyone loves personalized gifts.

Make something small like an ornament with pictures of the two of you to hang on the tree this year.

7. Engrave a gift you've previously gotten for your SO.

You gave them a bracelet or a necklace as a gift for a previous birthday or holiday and they always wear it.

Make up an excuse to take it from them for a while and get a special quote or your names engraved on it. Let the quote be something that reminds them you'll love them forever.

Remember: It's really the effort and work you put into the gift to show you appreciate your SO that matters the most.