8 Compliments That Mean The World To Every Girl, Coming From Her Best Friends

by Kristin Corpuz

Author Sarah Ockler once wrote, "In your entire life, you can probably count your true friends on one hand." If you've locked down a group of women who empower you on the daily, you know just how lucky you are. The compliments your best friends give you seriously mean everything to you, and you're inspired by the community you've built with your closest gal pals. (Seriously, though: You wouldn't trade them for the world.)

Some girls might get a bad rap for giving disingenuous compliments, but you know that's just not the case with your inner circle. They only dole out kind words when they truly mean them, so you know that when they compliment you, it's the real deal. From your personality to your fashion sense, your friends are constantly building you up. They also know which aspects of your life you're not too content with, and they do their best to help you see what a fierce job you're really doing.

Building a loyal, genuine sisterhood within your friend group can take some time, but once you get there, it's incredible to have that support system in place. These compliments are the best ones you could ever ask for, and you're honored to have women in your life who feel this way about you.

"Your highlighter's on point, girl."

Makeup compliments from your gal pals can be some of the best ones, especially when your friends know how much work you put into your #lewk that day. Whether it's a winged liner so sleek and sharp it could cut glass, or a highlighter that's glowing so perfectly, it's always really special when your friends take notice.

"You really deserve that job promotion."

No one sees how hard you work at your professional life more than your girlfriends do. So when you get a new job or finally get that well-deserved promotion, they're the first people to congratulate you with champagne and the best wishes.

"I want literally everything in your closet."

It's normal for girls to borrow (read: steal) things from their friends' closets. If you have a friend who constantly tells you how much she digs your personal vibe, she becomes your personal hype man. Style is super personal, so for a girlfriend to tell you she loves what you wear means the world.

"That picture of you is stunning."

Real talk: Nothing feels better after posting a pic on the 'Gram and seeing a bunch of comments from your friends telling you how great you look. Their words of affirmation help build your confidence, especially because you know they really mean their kind words.

"You empower me."

*Cue all the feels.* Gal pals who tell you that they feel like you are supportive not only speaks volumes of your relationship, but also how you approach your friendships, and that is really meaningful.

"Your skin is glowing."

For me, nothing gives me more confidence than when someone tells me that my skin is glowing, and I know a lot of other girls feel the same way. Glowing skin can mean anything from drinking enough water, to dedicating yourself to a regimented skincare routine, so when your friends notice it, it's a big deal.

"I'm so proud to call you my best friend."

This is one of those compliments that can really tug at your heartstrings. Girls are generally very picky when it comes to the people they want in their inner circle. For someone to refer to you as their "best friend" and really mean it, is one of the highest forms of praise a girl can give.

"I feel like you're my sister."

Chosen family can be just as important as birth family, and the girls you keep in your life can make or break you. But to have a friend who treats you like she would a biological sister is one of the best feelings ever.

Cheers to the incredible girl crew you have in your life; keep them close.