8 Christmas Gifts For Your Cat That Are Also Low-Key Gifts For You, You Shameless Cat Lady

by Julia Guerra

A wise woman once told me the smart way to gift around the holidays is to always buy people presents you can borrow for yourself. Sure, this rule of thumb is pretty genius in terms of Taylor Swift’s new album for your bestie or bae’s new Nike sweats, but gifting for a loved one is still gifting with no guarantee you’ll reap what you sow. When you splurge on Christmas gifts for your cat, dog, or any other fur baby you foster, however, the joy of giving is synonymous to the joy of receiving.

I had a doggy diva when I was growing up, so until my then-fiancé brought home a baby tabby cat, I never understood that #catlady life. Fast forward two years later, and now I’m making an entire Christmas wishlist for my kitty. Obviously I have her best interest in mind, because who doesn't want their fur baby to have the best Christmas experience ever? But TBH, the level of spoiling (and spending) is getting a little out of control — almost to the point where I'm not all that confident I'm buying her stuff because she'll actually enjoy it, or for the fact that I want my cat's life to take after a Pinterest board.

Does your cat really need organic catnip stuffed in fleece toys shaped like tacos? No, but your Instagram definitely does. Spoiling your cat means indirectly spoiling yourself, and these gift suggestions listed below are ideal for gifting your furry feline something you, too, can get use (or a laugh) from.

Something They Can Sink Their Claws Into

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats, $15, Amazon

If your cat is the type to drive you insane with their persistent digging around the litter box, Catit's clever invention is the perfect middle ground.

Featuring five tubes designed to stimulate four senses (touch, sight, smell, and taste), this design for the feline digger will keep your kitty busy and intrigued so that their brain stays sharp and your floor stays clean of litter clumps.

Blunts Over Bowls

StarkRavingCat Catnip Joints Cat Toy, $10, Etsy

It looks like Mary Jane's making an appearance under the Christmas Tree this year. No sweat, though — this stash is 100 percent legal.

Roll the artificial blunt around for your kitty to fetch, and you're sure to get a kick out of the toy's stunning resemblance to the real deal. Choose between packages of three or five faux joints that are individually hand-rolled and sealed in cloth paper, full of premium catnip.

Only the best for your furry bud, right?

The Purrfect Pamper

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center, $25, Amazon

Cats are self-sufficient by nature, but even though your feline friend can groom himself just fine, everyone deserves a little pampering now and then.

If your idea of R&R is soaking in a bathtub full of bubbles, massaging on a face scrub, or treating yourself to the spa, The Catit Wellness Center is the kitty equivalent that's bound to become your cat's new favorite chill spot. The all-in-one device features a catnip container, self-grooming brushes, and a full-body massage station.

Food They Can Actually Play With

Munchiecat Sushi Cat Toys, $34, Amazon

I never really bought into the rumor that cats can't resist the smell of fish — until I naively left my bowl of tuna salad on the table, that is, only to find my kitty poking her head in to sneak a taste.

These clever maki, nigiri sushi, and sashimi toys come in a bento-style box that honestly looks good enough to eat, even from a human's perspective. Stuffed with organic catnip and bells, the colorful set will stimulate your pet's keen senses, and keep them occupied while you eat.

Team Spirit Merch
Pets First

Pets First NFL Cat Collar, $12, Amazon

In my house, football Sunday means the hubby and I are decked out in our respective teams' merch, and if your love for the NFL is represented in your weekly wardrobe, it's high time you involve your kitty in the fun, too.

Decorate his or her neck with a collar that's heavy-duty, durable, and collaged with your team's colors. This may come off a little obnoxious, but just think of the family Christmas cards you could send, or a team-themed condolence postcard you can send to the fam when yours crushes the rest of the NFL in the Super Bowl.

The Window Seat

K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sill Ez Window Mount, $33, Amazon

I know myself, and when my tabby cat Aria hangs a little too close to the window screen, I basically have a panic attack every time she lunges forward as birds fly by.

To make sure your kitty is safe and secure this holiday season and beyond, K&H's window mount is the perfect front-row seat for cats to stare out the window, bang on the glass, and never topple over or out of your second-story window.

For The Musically Inclined Kitty
Suck UK

SUCK UK Cat Playhouse Series DJ Deck, $27, Amazon

As much as I love my cat — and I do love her dearly — her tendency to dig her claws into anything and everything drives me up the freaking wall. So if your cat is anything like my clawing princess, and standard scratching boards aren't doing the trick, this adorable DJ deck is an awesome trade.

The cardboard scratching post is sure to be the turntable of the year. Amazon reviewers say it's super easy to assemble, and what's cool about this deck is that it's actually spinable. Catch your cat on camera, and I'm willing to bet that snap will go viral.

For The Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Holiday Catnip Coal Sack Cat Toy, $7, PetSmart

As much as we love our fur babies, there's no denying cats can be moody AF sometimes.

If your cat's been sporting a particularly sassy attitude this season, rather than spoiling them with sparkling toys and stuffed mice, let them know they were naughty with a hilarious sack of catnip coal. Chances are they'll love the taste, and will be feeling the spirit of Christmas in no time.