8 Chances You Need To Take For A Happier Life That Mom Told You About All Along

Since day one, Mom has encouraged you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. She's a natural-born cheerleader — and not only from the sidelines of your little league games back in the day. Her pom-poms are set to root for you throughout your entire life. She'll motivate you to be brave about risks, and all of the chances you need to take for the best life you can live. Your happiness is so important, and it has been her top priority ever since she first laid eyes on you.

Growing up, you probably didn't notice that she's been pushing you to achieve greatness all along. When that little voice in your head was convincing you that you couldn't do something, your mom counteracted it with her words of wisdom. In her eyes, there's nothing you can't do, and if she has to remind you of that in adulthood, she surely will.

Remember when you didn't think you'd make friends at your new school? She told you to be yourself, take a chance, and extend your friendship first. You might have been shy and nervous, but your table at lunch was never empty again. You have to admit that Mom was right about a lot of things, especially when it comes to taking these eight chances in life.

Dare To Be Different

Daring to be different can be risky in a world that can be so judgmental. But you're unique, and trying to assimilate to something you're not is a surefire way to kiss your happiness goodbye.

Think back to all of the Halloween costumes your mom let you pick out. There were practically no limits. It's stuff like that, that allows you to take a chance and fiercely conquer the world being who you truly are.

Don't Be Afraid To Go For The Things You Truly Want In Life

Don't sit around and wait for opportunities to fall into your lap, because that's just not going to happen. You first idol — aka, your mom — never let you do that. You wanted to be student body president, and she was right there making the flyers with you all night long to prep for the next day. You advocate for yourself.

Face Your Fears

Fear will crush your happiness and get away with it every single time. Fears are a huge part of why you don't take chances in the first place. Your mom helped you get over your fears of the dark and failure. You accomplished so much after the fact, so apply that advice to your current situation.

Say How You Feel And Mean It

It's not easy advocating for your emotions, but it's better than keeping them all bottled up. If you're not vocal about how you feel, there's no way for anyone else to know what's really going on. No one's as avid of a listener as your mom, but you know from several deep convos with her that getting your feelings heard can be risky, but healing.

Follow Your Instincts

You've watched your mom trust her gut and take chances throughout your whole life thus far. Your intuition isn't something that should be overlooked. If you're wrong, at least you acted out of your own free will, and it wasn't decided for you.

Write Your Own Love Story

Your mom let you have your princess stage, but she never encouraged you to wait around for your prince. You were never brought up to search for "the one," either. If anything, she encouraged you to make your own happiness, because your story doesn't have to depict the bedtime tales she read to you back in the day.

Follow Your Passions

You never know where your passions will take you. Never taking a chance to follow them will only make you live a life of regret. Your mom never told you you couldn't be that doctor, lawyer, or singer you told her you wanted to be as a kid. So, why should you be telling yourself "no" now? You got this, girlfriend.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You'll likely never accomplish anything new if you're confined to the same old routine you're used to. Your mom was always introducing you to things you've never done before. Keep that same spirit going strong, because your life truly begins when you're unbound by your comfort zone.

Commend your mom for allowing you take chances in life. She has always been the best at getting you to reach your full potential.